Honeoye Riders Southern States 2017 Ride

Shipped Bike parts to local Bike Shop; Carrier = Bikeflights. Bike assembled by local Bike Shop
Front (small) & Rear (large) Panniers
Trek 520 - Touring Cycle fully loaded
April 2nd First Day, Pickup Bike, Navigate Austin Bus System & wait out the Storm
Use your Smart Phone QR scanner to find details....
Lance Armstrong affliated / Great Service...Open Sunday 8 AM, Bike Ready
Too much "Gear"! First Package being shipped home by Day 1 @ Noon.
Jo looking for a Bike Shop, again....
First Bakery for Jimbo.....
Bob's Scavenger hunt "Tools". Passed on this one....
World Capital of Flea Markets in Texas
Yup, it's true, three pews total. Maybe capacity of 10 - 12 people.
Waffle shaped in the form of Texas
Jim's first "Texas" shaped waffle....
It all started by renting a church cabin, ended up with Grandparent's house
Our Leader's Happy Hour!
Crawfish mud mound.
Pines to Pulp! Logging for :TX, LA, MS, AL & FL
Bubba's directions......
A Dr & his wife's journey.....
Mrs "Bling" aka Jo....
Jim, Patti, & Jo spent 16 days in Texas pedaling.
My selfie....
Our 1st "free" night camping in Merryville, LA
Merryville Museum
Four draw NCR Cash Register - Hand Crank just like Ken Shaffer's (Bob's First Job).
Say What? How does that work.....
Evidence of recent flooding, Note kayak used to navigate to house.
Awesome breakfast shop in Oberlin, LA
Jim's happy with his Apple Fritter
Best breakfast stop across from hotel in Oberlin, LA
That's a size 12 sneaker. They grow them there frog big here in LA.
Oberlin, LA Rice field
Meet "Tommy" He's traveling "West" Roadside Selfie
Crawfish harvester
Stripped feet thanks for sandles....
Meet Kyle, He's traveling West. PreMed student....
Chicho State Park - The Raccoon capital
Cottonport - Home of 100 year old Live Oaks
Plantation home save multiple times from Mississippi River floods.
Service hasn't been held for some time.
Roadside recycling..... hum....
Mr. Lanudry donated his wife's car license plate to Jo's Scavenger hunt.
LA above ground cemetary
Surprise entrance by Brooks, Linda, & Betsy - They used "Find a Friend"
Baton Rouge Race Trac "Mini Mart" Ice Cream fountains
Just like Dad's first camper in 1968.
First night with all "8" in Baton Rouge Happy Hour by the pool
Linda - "Are you coming?" Mississippi River Trail.
We're in below sea level. Flood Gate don't fail me now!
Industrial Parks along the Mississippi River.
Gain towers along the Mississippi Rover
Mississippi Rover Police. Ask Jim about the picture taking experience
Railroad bridge entering New Orleans. That's one tall bridge.
Entering New Orleans via Audobon Park.
New Orleans electric trolley
Check-In @ New Orleans, Bikes inside
New Orleans street entertainers
NO - Let the Entertainment begin.
More street entertainers or should I say Mime....
Delicious crawfish.....
The Easter Bunny found us......
Don't miss this Museum, wish we have more than a couple hours.
Museum's hook for learning even after your leave.
Happy Surprise visit. Traveled over 1000 miles to bike a week with us. Thanks.
Thanks Nate for teaching Jo & Patti how to do Selfie's
One of many "breaks" Each one is an adventure.
Yup, we see ya Jimbo... Another state down, new adventures.
Biloxi, MS plantation.... Beautiful One of few that survived Katrina.
Picture Perfect. This is REAL. Unbelievable.
Biloxi, MS Beach every so clean and manicured
Sculpture, nope! It's the horizon sign notification again.....
Do your remember the country song?
Correct, Birthplace is Pascagoula, MS
You can have anytthing, as long as it's Chicken Fingers!
When you have only three outfits, we gotta do laundry oftern. It's Betsy & Linda's turn.
Shrimping boats.... Dauphin Island, AL
Linda heading to the ferry, Dauphin Island, AL.
Decision Time - Ride 1 day or Ferry Ride 45 min?
Ferry from Dauphin Island to Fort Morgan, AL
All loaded, Mobile AL, 4.2 mile ferry ride ~ 45 min for $5.00
Banboo bike
Nice street crossing markings
"Happy", Oh so appropriate. Beads everywhere.....
Another state, The best Shoulders / Bike lanes!
Florida Panhandle (Pensacola) Beautiful beaches
Pensacola Beaches and Casino in the background
Jo's success finding an AL License Plate. Thanks for Her sob story
A common Southern State Mini Mart treat. Boiled Peanuts.
A well deserved break. How may crickets did you want?
Tom Tumb - Mini Mart - The healthy choice....
When you fail to plan; then your plan for fail!
One of many farm fields in Northern Florida..
Roadside Ice Machine "bulk" in the south..... very common.
Antique Gas Pump.....
Camping done! Sending gear home, less 12 lbs.
Yes, Fire Fighters from NM for FL fires....
Grapes and Blueberries in Florida
Airboat spraying for mosquitoes
Tree cutting machinery.
The absolute BEST Honey & butter bisquits.
hummmmm... 10 cents Pops!
Jim's big FL License Plate find. "Apportioned?"
Peanuts distribution plant in Florida. Coming in from farmer's fields.
Yes, that's correct, The Suwannee River
Norhtern Floria Plantation home.
Cypress trees in the water.
Jackpot! Buckeye's
ACA's directions: Routes, Services, Phone #'s.
Much deserved leader lunch break in from of Grocery Store. Yes the chair's for sale.
Bicycle Hoarder.... Bet the roads are clean!
McD's answer to $15/hr cashiers...
Gainsville Hawthorne trail (Florida)
Modern bike rack.... Gainsville Hawthorne trail.
More Gainsville Hawthorne trails.
Jim looking for that Alligator
2nd to last day, Patlaka, FL.
Final destination getting close..... First sign for St. Augustine, FL
Flager College Gradation. Same day as our finish, 4/29/17.
The FINISH LINE: Antastia Beach St Augustine, FL.
Jo, Pati, Betsy, Jim, & Bob (L-R) Finished 4/29/17.
Lion Bridge traffic. Neat rental vehicles.
Final trip home.
Evidence of Huricane Matthew @ Flager Beach.
Bonus - Everglade Boat Mfg plant tour - Thanks Cathy Reddout!
Original Daytona Race Track '48 - '52
North Turns Restaurant, Daytona Beach, FL.
Created By
Robert Bacon

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