TFS Winter Newsletter 2019

Welcome to our 2019 Winter Newsletter! We have lots of exciting things in store for the New Year. Here you will find many events that have taken place within TFS in the past few months. If you have any pictures, please feel free to email them to newsletter@nashvilletfs.org. If you want to find out more about our staff and updates on TFS, email Shelly Hall at shelly.hall@nashvilletfs.org and you will be added to our subscriber list for the TFS Connection!

Andrew and Miss Emily enjoying the festivities!

Say, "Cheese!" (David, Phil and Hawa posing for the camera)

Beautiful smiles from Jennifer and Yassandra, and some cute Christmas outfits!

Joanna, Wendy and Leah ready to party!

Merry Christmas from Marla and Hailey!

Kim, Brittany and Randi capture a moment together!

Sam and James with Latesha having a great time!

Everyone enjoyed the carolers!

Ralph with Basiru Konta, TFS 2017 Family Teacher of the Year!

Ralph with Quiencey Simpson, TFS 2018 Family Teacher of the Year!

Below you will find our 2017-2018 Certified Family Teachers! We are incredibly proud of the amount of hard work they have put in to become certified.

Amber & Chris Rosenbaum, Funmilayo Julius, Basiru Konta, Marcelos Farris, Regina Holbert, Joyce Gilton, Esnart Christian, Herling Alerou, Shelly Stone, Quiencey Simpson, Fraizer Lemon, Souadou Rosmon, & Ami Gauldin

(Listed clockwise from top left corner) Not pictured: Jeff Rich & Jennifer Victory.


A letter from our CEO Ralph Kennedy:

We begin a new year. If asked what I hope we at TFS would accomplish this year, I would unequivocally state that it is the establishment of the clinical services we have planned for so long.

The families at Clover Bottom that labored to found Tennessee Family Solutions were worried that with all of the problems that existed in the operation of that institution, it would be replaced with something unable to meet the needs of the most severely disabled individuals with intellectual disabilities. We were right and wrong at the same time. Scattered site residential settings provided a lifestyle for our folks that we could have only dreamed of. Meeting the challenging healthcare needs of such folks was more daunting. After 20 years of genuine effort on the part of the state of Tennessee the work remains half done. While many are succeeding in getting their medical, psychiatric and dental needs met, issues remain in meeting the needs of the most severely disabled.

As a student and participant in the ramping up and winding down of the federal lawsuits that closed all of the Developmental Centers in Tennessee, I came to a conclusion a few years ago. There remained a need for a safety net. It was the other side of the coin. One side was the residential settings that allowed a much more fulfilling lifestyle for our folks as a result of the lawsuits. The other side was clinical services provided by those who understood and chose to work with our special folks.

TFS has contracted with a group in Nashville whose expertise is in the set up and, if necessary, support in the operation of medical clinics. We are in the process of getting the necessary credentialing for the clinic so that our physician’s assistant and physician will be able to treat those with developmental disabilities who wish to have specialized services. Once the medical clinic is up and running, we hope to move on to the opening of a psychiatric clinic for the same purpose. It is ambitious, but then so was the establishment of a non-profit agency to serve those that we now serve. Established, I might add, by families who had little more than a desire for good services for those they loved.


We are so excited to announce that we will be holding a Spring Craft Fair, March 23rd, to help raise funds for our Clinic! There will be a variety of vendors, food, and you can even get your picture made with the Easter Bunny!

Location: Lane Agri-park community center. 315 John R Rice Blvd, Murfreesboro.

Time: 10:00am - 4:00pm

Change it up for dinner! Check out this super easy way to prepare honey garlic chicken.

For the veggie lovers: here's a way to prepare with Cauliflower!

The Annual Night to Shine prom is February 8th, 2019! To find a host site near you, go to:

Amber Rosenbaum- Medical Coordinator, Ami Gauldin- Family Teacher/Staffing Coordinator, Andrew Howard- QIDP/TFM Consultant, Basiru Konta- Family Teacher/Staffing Coordinator, Brad Bellew- Maintenance, Brittany Johnson- Director of Programs, Chandra Michon- TFM Consultant, Daniel Bellew- Maintenance, Deionna Kelly- Admin Assistant, Elaine Palmer- RN Trainer, Hailey Hall- Human Resources Assistant, Holly Puckett- Hub Nurse, Jackie Scarlett- Service Coordinator, Joyce Gilton- Family Teacher/Staffing Coordinator, Kimberly Snipes- IMC/QA Coordinator, Lindsey Wisniewski- Hub Nurse, Michele Callahan- Office Manager, Naomi Suddarth- Human Resources Director, Randi Folger- Assistant Office Manager, Ralph Kennedy- CEO, Rita Tate- QA Auditor, Sarah Harrison- LPN/ Hub Nurse, Shelly Hall- Executive Director, Sonya Burnett- Staffing Coordinator, Tracy Kennedy- Admin Assistant, Tracy Parker-Oylinola- Family Teacher/Staffing Coordinator, Quintin Perkins- TFM Consultant, Virginia Kennedy- Admin Assistant, Whitney Lester- RN Oversight nurse


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