The Bald Eagle Christy alqes

Today I´m going to tell you about the bald eagle.It is a patriotic symbol,because that encouraged the colonists to fight.The people who chose it where the Founding Fathers. And they chose it because it looked brave and strong.It is on the great seal.It was created in 1782.

This is his discription,it has a beak that looks like a hook.It has black and white feathers.Thire called bald but they are not.They also are very big birds.They only live in North Amarica.

Other intresting facts are that it represents freedom,courage,and strength.When it flies it shows pride.It is a national of the USA.This is what I learned about the Bald Eagle.


Created with images by Pen Waggener - "Bald Eagle" • stacyvitallo - "eagle eagle flying soar" • digitalART2 - "Bald Eagle" • werner22brigitte - "eagles nest flying bald eagle"

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