Blue Eye Disease in Pigs By: Hannah Szymanski

Blue Eye Disease is a viral disease commonly caused by encephalitis, pneumonia, and respiratory diseases in piglets. It also causes reproductive failure in adult pigs, and rarely identifies with corneal opacity, an eye disorder characterized by the scarring of the cornea. Where the whole eye develops a bluish tinge around the whole eye.

This is one of the symptoms of Blue Eye Disease. Which is an abnormal sitting position such as a dog sitting position.

There are several symptoms for Blue Eye Disease such as, Inappetence, Corneal Opacity-Conjunctivitis, Nervous Signs-Fits and Convulsions, Dog Sitting Position, Fever, Increased Returns, Stillbirths, Mummified Piglets, and High Mortality in Piglets. These are all of the symptoms of Blue Eye Disease in Pigs.

There are also Clinical Signs that show that the pigs are going to have Blue Eye Disease. These Clinical Signs are Hunched Backs, Acute Nervous Signs, Difficulty Walking, Shivering, Sit in Abnormal Postures, Lie on their Sides, Paddle their Legs, Roll their Eyes Back in their Head, and their Eyes Water and Swell. These are the things that show you that your animals might have Blue Eye Disease. These are in fact different than symptoms because symptoms are after the animal gets the disease. Signs show that the animal might get the disease. This disease is characterized by clinical signs of nervous derangement, and some opacity on the surface of the eyes of the pigs.

A map of Mexico

Blue Eye Disease was first recognized in Mexico in 1985. This disease has never been found in any other countries, but there has been similar diseases in other countries but they are no Blue Eye Disease. Blue eye Disease is also very unlikely to spread to other countries. Also, it was found in a special country in Mexico called Michoacan but it is also on the border of La-Piedad. In Japan there is also a similar disease known as Sendai Virus and this disease has the same symptoms but is most likely to be a different disease or virus. If your country has strict importation rules especially from Mexico then you will be fine. But if your country doesn't then you might want to be cautious of the disease. this disease is also thought to be a paramyxovirus.

A presumptive diagnosis can be made based on how big or small the animals symptoms are. Also, there is really no effective treatment of Blue Eye Disease. But, there are things that can help you prevent the disease. There are only 2 effective ways to prevent Blue Eye Disease. One way is biosecurity which is when you take precautionary measures to make sure your animals don't get sick without the need of vaccinations. Vaccinations are the other way that you can prevent the disease from coming to your farm if you live in Mexico. Vaccinations can be very helpful if you use them in the right way. If you don't that could go very wrong especially if you give your animals the dosage






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