Technologies brain behind the madness

With media evolving around the internet The Torch has made a few upgrades in the technological department with Indesign, social media, NEW cameras, and our website Kennedytorch.org .

Kennedy's online web: The online web has been a huge success for the Kennedy Torch because it allows us to publish our stories/photos quicker and more frequently than issue. the online web is also easier to access by readers. Now that I am Co Editor-In-Chief i take part in editing and publishing peoples work. This year we have done a really good job of publish a story at least once a day on the website.

Pages: To create and design pages the Torch uses In-design. This is helpful because it shows the exact planning of how your pages for issue will look like. In-design has many tools to help you design your pages like bleed lines, shapes, and pull quotes. Personally I like having pages better than web because when I see my article and design spread in my hand I feel proud to show anyone.

Twitter: This is our main form of social media and we have multiple followers from Kennedy. We post things like info about events, links to our web stories, and schedules. Twitter is the fastest form of news we have. This year we have implemented things like #HeaderPhotooftheday and actually tweeting out someones published work for our site.

SNO: Is the place where we draft, edit, and publish stories.This is a very useful site when getting our work published. This correlates with kennedytorch.org.

Camera equipment: We frequently use the camera equipment for Torch because its makes all our publishing better with visuals and attracts readers. I use the camera most for my own pages or issue stories, but I have taken pictures at sporting events.

Media has a huge impact on our generation and its important for to Torch to use it frequently.

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