Goals for my Future Calvin b. | period 6

1 year goals

I want to be a mechanic at my own shop. I'd like to do this cause i'm really into cars and motorcycles.

As a hobby I would like to practice tattoo artistry so I can go into doing that as well. I think this would be a really good way to show my creativity.

It would also be cool to try and be a video game designer. I play games a lot so it would cool to help make them.

I would also very much like a bike of my own that I'll fix up. I'd really like to ride and work on one for myself.

3 year goals

I want to have a son or daughter. I've always wanted a kid

I would like to, when I'm older, to travel to tropical places. I'd like to get outta the house and not be stuck in the same place.

I also want to try and help my family in what ever way I can to make them happy...er then they already are.

I would like to travel to Europe. I've always like the buildings in Europe.

5 year goals

I want to have a decent house/apartment in the next few years. I think it would be really cool owning a home or an apartment.

I would also like to have a good paying job. Cause I know I'm not going to have my dream job right away.

And its been my dream to own a 1977 Chevy Camaro. I really like cars but the camaro is the best.

I'd like to be able to find a girl to settle with. I don't to be lonely most of my life. lol

10 year goals

In a few years I would like to move to Chicago. First I would visit to see how it is then I would move.

If it to bad to live Chicago i would like to live somewhere else cold and snowy.

If that's to bad I would just move somewhere like Cali or along the coast.

Id like to be married and have a few kids.

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