Web designer By: Shaylei Lipko

I have chosen to research a career as a Web Designer as you have the ability to use different skill sets in the creative imaginary aspect of the design process of web development.

Nature of work

Web designer creates websites for many different businesses so they can advertise and sell their products.
A good web designer will put their thoughts and ideas on paper before they actually do the layout design.
A good website will provide detailed information with words and imaginary that will catch the viewers attention. Big bold letters and colors are simple solution to providing a well laid out design.

Working Conditions

A web designer has the opportunity to work as a freelance designer from home. Web designer's also have the ability to work within the company that is seeking the web designer's service.
Working with others provides the ability to bounce ideas off of each other. This not only helps you as the web designer but the whole concept in itself. Working in solitary or quiet conditions can also help the designer bring forth creative ideas.

Coding allows the web designer to have control over their creations.


Freelance workers that have the opportunity to work at home can wear anything that they wish (pajamas), however freelance workers that work within the company itself most likely you'll find them wearing office clothes.

Training & Preparation

The first steps in becoming a successful web designer is receiving your high school diploma.

After high school one can go on to earn their associate's or bachelor's degree in web design to further their prospects in this line of work.


Web designers as of January 2017 can earn wages from $61,000 to $82,000 in a year. However earning can vary depending on the type of web designer you are.
Getting promoted in the web design industry all depends on the web designer themselves. Meaning many web designers get promoted through their clients by achieving their mission that they are seeking.


Earning a Bachelors degree provides many opportunities in the web design industry. Some of those advancements can include becoming a project manager or design directors.

Job Outlook

According to the Bureau of Labor statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook web developers is projected to grow 27% from 2014 to 2024.
This job will be around in 15-20 years. Why, because there are new technologies such as Digital multimedia tools and other digital programing that will allow many opportunities.

Related Occupations

Computer and Information Systems Managers, Computer Programmers, Computer Support Specialists, Computer Systems Analysts, Database Administrators, Information Security Analysts, Graphic Designers, Multimedia Artists and Animators and Software Developers.

Computer programmer system manager's salary in 2015 was $131,600 with a bachelors degree.

Accurate or inaccurate (and why?)

The information on this powerpoint was mostly obtained through the Bureo of labor statistics Occupational outlook handbook.


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