Native Americans The people who got stolen from

White man taking land from us!

I Warrior Joseph am sick of the White Man taking land from all Indians across America. Ever since White man has landed on America they have taken land, they have taken land from the Mexicans and now us. And if that isn't bad enough, Every time we move we need to move again and every time we move it is to a even worse place with even worse soil and near impossible to live and we don't even strive as a tribe any more all we do is live from day to day barely. As I warrior Joseph and the only one in my tribe that can read/write and speak English I will give you a fare warning by saying the next time you make us move we will retaliate!

solution: one very obvious solution would be you know not take land from us, It irritates me that you took so much land from us then you decide to tell us where to live and then you decide to make us move from where you told us where to live. Another solution would be not letting any white man moving onto our land because it seems that every time white men start to move onto our land you people make us move so maybe if you made illegal to mess with us and come onto our land.

White man moving onto our land and then taking it from us.

broken promises

I warrior Joseph am just a warrior but my father is the leader and he complains that he sells land for food, water and medical supplies but every time he makes this trade they give half or even less than what we agreed upon. Another thing the government did to us was promise we could stay in this area and this area would be ours but as soon as other white man moved where we are we would have to move or if they didn't make us move then we would have to give up half of our land. As the warrior I am I wanted to retaliate but my father was very wise and said if we go in peace a few times then they will trust us and while their guard was down we strike!

solution: don't screw us over and treat us like we are other white people! Follow through on what we agreed upon and there will be no lives lost even though you people deserve it and should be taught a lesson.

broken promises made by government to Natives

valuable resources

my father, tribe leader explains to me that you the white man make us move for basically every reason whether it is because white settlers want the land to live on or just to steal from the land and not give back to it. you people disgust all you care about is money and you leave a path of destruction in your wake. I don't understand why you people do either I mean you guys act like this won't effect you guys at all but trust me it will! I would have to say the worst thing about what you guys are doing is your destroying the earth and all you care about is money but trust me it will come back.

solution: one solution would be keeping us in one spot and not moving us from place to place and then you can find resources around us not where we live. Another solution would be scouting out the area you are about to move us to so you don't have to keep moving us around.

making natives move because of valuable resources
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