A trip to London London is an exciting city with lots of exciting people and places to visit.

History of London

The Romans invaded Britain in 43 AD and around 50 AD they founded London. 10 years later London was once again invaded but this time by queen Boudicca and the city was burnt down. The inhabitants of Roman London started rebuilding, the rich built houses of stone and the poor made houses of wood. If we go 200 years forward in time the people of Roman London had started to build a stone wall to protect them against another invasion. At this time there was around 45000 inhabitants of Roman London. In 407 AD the last Roman left London. The time after the Romans left is called the dark-ages. During the Dark-ages London was abandoned and only a few people lived inside the walls. In the middle ages after the battle of Hastings William the conquer occupied the palace of Westminister. On December the 25th 1066 AD William was crowned king of England. In 1642 the civil war started, it was king against the parliament. The royalists made an attempt at taking over London but were easily beaten. If we fast forward to 2017 London will no longer have a stone wall and most houses are built of bricks instead of wood. London now has over 8 million inhabitants and the city is way more developed than before. The city now has public transport like underground trains, overground trains, buses and taxis.

Sightseeing in London

London is a interesting city with lots of castles you can visit. One of the most famous castles is called Hampton court. This castle was the castle of King Henry the VIII. King Henry the VIII was known for being a man that liked to party and liked women. In his time he had 6 wives. He was never true to his wives though since only one of them gave birth to a boy. There is a children's rhyme to help you remember the order of what happened to his wives. The words in the rhyme are, divorced, beheaded, died, divorced, beheaded, survived. England still has a royal family and they must also have a castle. Their palace is called Buckingham Palace and is probably the most famous castle in Britain. Outside the palace there are guards called the Queen's guard. These guards are supposed to act properly but sometimes the guards can be funny as well. Once a guard started dancing while he was guarding the palace. There are more than just castles to see when you are in London. Another place to visit is called Stonehenge. Even though this is outside of London it is not too long of a trip from London. Stonehenge has always been a massive mystery for many people since the stones weigh many tons, and the stones were moved and placed thousands of years before Christ. If you are interested in football London is the perfect place for you to visit. London has 5 football clubs in the top division in England (Arsenal, Chelsea, Crystal Palace, Tottenham and West Ham). The main teams in London are Chelsea, Tottenham and Arsenal. These clubs have been some of the best clubs in Europe in late years. In London you will be able to see football stadiums and football matches. There are many other famous places that you can visit in London and just to name a few, Big Ben, London eye, Westminster abbey and St. Pauls cathedral. These are often spoken about so I would like to mention a few less known places to visit. There are two building in London that are definitely worth your time. These two buildings are called the Shard and The Gherkin. The Shard is the tallest building in England at a height of 306 metres. The Gherkin though is known for it´s special shape. As you can probably guess the Gherkin is shaped as a gherkin.

Food in London

London is a massive city with a large population. This makes it necessary for the city to have a lot of places where you can eat. A traditional English lunch is Fish and chip. Wherever you are in London you can always find Fish and Chip shop around the corner. But in London there is not only Fish and chip shops though. London is actually known for having various types of restaurants. The part of London I lived in was called Wimbledon and of course as any person who live in London you have your favourite restaurants. Around the area where I lived there were 6 Indian restaurants within walking distance, but my favourite was a restaurant called RAKA. London is also know for their pubs. Unluckily for children they are normally not allowed to stay past 6 because it can get a bit crazy in there. Personally I come there for the football at 3 p.m. and of course partly the food.


In London there are many places to stay but where you stay, depends on how long you are going to stay or if you are just going to sleep at the place you stay. An alternative if you are just going to stay in London for a night would be a hotel close to Heathrow called Leonardo hotel. This hotel is close to the airport which means if you have a flight there will be no problem to catch the flight on time. If you are planning for a trip where you are outside and exploring London I would recommend a bed and breakfast. A few bed and breakfasts I would recommend would be The Rose And Crown in London which has nice rooms and have a menu where you order your breakfast. A really wonderful stay would be Bay Tree House B & B. This hotel has had fantastic reviews from other people who have visited this Bed and Breakfast. The place is only a 30 minute ride to downtown London with the tube. If you would want to stay at a proper hotel instead of a bed and breakfast there are many good choices. One I would really recommend but is quite expensive is the Four Seasons Hotel London which costs £681.24 a night. This hotel offers iPod docks, a flat screen T.V., free WiFi, a private terrace and a fire place. I would definitely recommend this place but unfortunately it costs a lot.

Transport around London

London is known for their underground trains or as they are called in England, tubes. In nearly every part of London there is a train station and a tube station. After you have caught the train you will be able to take the taxi. The taxis are often located outside the train station and will be easy to catch after a train trip. Another typical way of transport in London is going by bus. Buses are so widely used in London that many of the buses have 2 floors. Buses are mostly used for short trips since if it is a long trip it will be more efficient to take the tube or the train.


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