Good Life Tour of the Natural History Museum By: Emma Rudman

Nature on Display

This is me posing with the Barrier Island and Gulf of Mexico exhibit.

This exhibit is particularly appealing to me because I live right on the Gulf of Mexico in Destin, Florida. It is located on the northwestern coast of Florida and we have a 7 mile barrier island connecting Destin and another town, Fort Walton Beach. I found the design of the exhibit appealing because the 2 walls of information were located right next to each other. I feel like it was well designed and coordinated, considering where I live is a real life example of a situation in which they would be related. I didn't learn anything that I wasn't already aware of because I experience these the Gulf and Okaloosa Island (barrier island) daily.

Nature and Ethics

This is me standing in the room that described the effect of humans on nature.
I found this wheel to be an interesting way to figure out how energy savvy and environmentally conservative you are.

I feel like the pictures of me at this exhibit are fitting for talking about the ethical side of human behavior and its effects on nature. This is the part of the museum where the fact that we are viewed as "conquers of the land" is very evident. This room was important because visitors can see that as we go through the rest of the museum and appreciate nature and its beauty, this beauty is in danger if humans don't treat the environment right. This exhibit specifically instilled the ethical responsibility in me to preserve nature as Leopold imagines. People throughout the museum seemed to be enjoying themselves and really taking in everything it has to offer. I, too, was amazed by it. The museum allowed us to connect with nature and realize how vital it is that we preserve it and keep appreciating all the discoveries, plants, animals and landscapes that we have.

Nature and the Human Spirit

This is me posing by the dinosaur exhibit.
This is me posing in front of the dinosaur exhibit, again.

I believe that this dinosaur exhibit effectively captured the mystery and majesty of the universe because this time period is something no humans were around for, so it is really neat to see all the work humans have done to connect the pieces of time with these dinosaur fossils. I also think it's fascinating that at one point these creatures really did roam the earth. It helps us appreciate everything in nature and the world that has happened, exclusive of the impact of humans. Like I said earlier, the museum helps us to appreciate the beauties of the natural world. We need to do everything possible to NOT ruin the environment.

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