Tremendous' Weekly Content Review! 4 - 11 -- 4 - 17

Welcome to an all new (And on time!) Weekly Content Review! Check out all this cool new stuff!!!

Starting us off this week is Genephelps of Wargaming from the Balcony. This week the guys bring us a 6000 point VC list review, a EoS Miniature review / Comparison, a review of a 1 day tournament they attended, announce a Team Tournament on May 27-28, and review the SA army book! Holy cow these guys crank out some amazing content!

Darksky is up next and this week he brings us a VERY well written battle report where the Dread Elves take on the Vermin Swarm! I devoured this article!

Mittierim has another couple Episodes of "The Founding of Nevaz Berrag" up and I cant even begin to tell you how addicted I am to Mittierim and the Boy's Campaign. I love when he gets multiple reports up in a single week!

Dark Wizard Gaming is up next and this week he brings us a report featuring the Vermin Swarm trying to make a meal out of some Ogre Khans! Gotta love this guy's content, but I find myself wistfully lusting after his amazing gaming room! lol! Check out his stuff!

Next up we got some fat dude playing with Ogres.... oh wait.... I mean, I!, LORD TREMENDOUS, am up next and I bring you games 2 and 3 of the Team Tournament I attended at ADEPTICON 2017!!! Calm your hearts! I also did another Square Table (Episode 6!) where, Chihammer, Vince Venturella, and Kieran Dunleavy join me as we discuss our time at Adepticon 2017!!!.... and a slew of other, off topic stuff.

Warboss Tooth, (CHIHAMMER!) had delivered into the world a TON of new content this week! First, we get to see how he finished up in the Grand Tournament at Adepticon, THEN, we get to see step by step instructions on how he makes his banners look AMAZING! (Surprisingly few virgin sacrifices.... who knew?!) Then, to even everything out, Chihammer posted a Tutorial on how to use Universal Battles.

We've got a newer Content Team member producing this week! He goes by the name: MrMossevig andthis week he brings us a really great article where he shares some of his experience with the hobby aspect of our... well.... hobby! I really enjoyed this article. go read it!

Everyone's FAVORITE Vermin is back this week with a great battle report! This week SIAZ's Vampire Coven face off against Saurian Ancients. Its actually very bloody considering the lack of bodily fluids in Skaven's Army!

BK5B has a great article up this week where he shows us some of the amazing projects he has going on, base tips, as well as wishing everyone a Happy Easter. Dude is a class act AND an amazing hobbyist! Check him out!

And that'll do it for this weeks Content review. I truly hope you enjoy all of these amazing content and get it all watched, read, and listened too before next week. why you ask? Because next week there will be a truckload of new content for you to enjoy. I'd hate to see you fall behind! THANKS!

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