Air Pollution Maryam

Do you want to live your whole life coughing and smelling dirty air. I certainly don’t and I bet you don't either. so come read this book and you can learn more about air pollution, fun facts, making the world a better place and much much more!

Where does air pollution come from?

The atmosphere is blanket of air that surrounds the whole earth if we didn't have the atmosphere you would all be burned or frozen air pollution can be caused by transportation for example cars,buses,motorcycles,trains and anything with an engine. Another one is also plant fertilizers it has chemicals that can cause severe illnesses. Another big one is chimneys with fire although it is a need it is very hasertest to earth.

Why is air important?

First we need air to breath we also need air to stay cool. Plants and crops need air to grow. Also we need air for the atmosphere without it we would burn or freeze with the temperatures in the day or night. Another reason is that air is a natural source so let's all pitch in and save the earth.


First people let out smoke. Campfiers or bonfires can also harm the earth. Another thing is chimneys the smoke goes through the chimney and ends up straight into the air. Another one is when people cook they usually open windows or cook outside which can harm the air.

How does air pollution affect us

You can pass away get lung problem heart disease infections stroke cancer pregnant women can make birth effects. It can also affect plants and animals because the acid can mix with the rain and make acid rain then it lands on the plants and they die and the animals die and without plants and animals we can die.


Here is a fact before you close this book do you know that air pollution can cause land and air pollution well let's close this book thank you bye.


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