I'm J.C. a Connecticut wedding photographer who loves working with fun, relaxed and creative couples!

My Beginnings: Born in Chicago, reared at Wrigley Field and educated in photography while cheering for the Iowa Hawkeyes, I am a Midwestern girl at heart.

My Now: My ocean-loving husband, our two amazing daughters and I now live in Connecticut in an old farmhouse complete with cats and chickens. When not photographing weddings, I love impromptu parties, competitive tennis and ice-cold beer.

My Style: Relaxed, natural and fun are words often used to describe not only my personality but also my photographic stlye. On your wedding day, I strive to artistically capture honest, unposed and beautiful moments to tell the story of your day. Thanks for considering me!

We know the importance of that special moment dancing with a parent, late-night cha-cha with your best friend or quiet moment spent with a proud grandparent. These are moments you cannot replace.

There’s only one opportunity to properly photograph your wedding regardless of weather, delays or unforeseen complications (we’ve seen our share of Hurricane tent weddings) and we’ll work through your day with patience and humor. We want your experience to run as smoothly as possible, so we encourage you to utilize us at along the way regarding planning or scheduling, as we've inadvertently become wedding planners after attending a zillion weddings! (You cannot beat a great planner, but you know what I'm talking about...)

And afterwards, if you can't stop smiling when you view your photos, we know we’ve done our job.

Many couples schedule an engagement session, since it’s a fun way for us to get to know each other before the wedding, a great way to get a little practice in front of the camera and a perfect time to be together without weddings onlookers


Custom Albums

our album range, from left to right - the Bel Air, Riviera and Eldorado

We believe a wedding album is an extremely important, lasting and tangible piece of your wedding. A completed custom designed album not only tells the story of your day, but gives you an heirloom to hand down to future generations. Digital files are cool, but there’s nothing quite like holding a completed album.

Completely designed in house, it’s also a fun project for us to see all the work that went into the your wedding compiled down into a concise story you can hold in your hands and share with your family and friends.


The Eldorado

Our top of the line album and completely hand-made, the Eldorado features extra thick pages and archival printing on the finest photographic paper. Available in a variety of leathers and fabrics and upgradeable to specialty covers such as acrylic and printed metal. The Eldorado album is our most popular offering.

A cutout on the cover is a great way to add a little more personality to your album.

Here The Eldorado is shown in Wedgewood blue leather with typeset name.

The Eldorado pages are thick & sturdy.


The Riviera

The Riviera is our beautiful go-to album, with seamless full-spread pages and covers available in a variety of vegan leathers and fabrics.

The Riviera pages have a bit of 'give' without feeling flimsy.


The Bel-Air

The Bel-Air is our 8x8 parent album, available in a variety of vegan leathers and fabrics. It's shown here with the optional photo-wrap cover.

The Bel-Air pages are flexible yet sturdy.


The Vespa Gallery Box

The Vespa Gallery box offers an exquisite way to show off your favorite fine art photographs

images are printed on velvety deep matte art paper and individually matted

the optional easel allows you to display the individual image of your choice

The Vespa Gallery Box can be utilized as a stand alone item, or in addition to your album to highlight favorite key wedding images


The Vespa Gallery box is 12x15" - They hold either 10 matted prints (with optional easel) or 20 matted prints (without optional easel)

Each box is made from a solid timber construction that has been sanded & painted more than 10 times in either Polar White or Rich Black colors, in either matte or glossy finishes

The inside is black plush felt lined and feature a lift out ribbon to assist with the removal of your matted imagery. The lid is a recessed glass window lid which allows for the top image to be showcased. The base of the box is also felt lined to prevent scratching the surface it’s displayed on.

Images are printed on stunning velvet matte paper and presented in our branded mats for the ultimate fine art experience


encaustic art pieces

We're excited to offer one-of-a-kind handmade Encaustic Art Pieces. Encaustic painting was practiced by Greek artists as far back as the 5th century B.C., and has made quite a fine art comeback in recent years. The multi-step process involves mounting your image on a wood panel. Melted beeswax and oil paints are layered, heated and buffed. The result is a uniquely individual one-of-a-kind piece which cannot be exactly duplicated or reproduced. The final character and look of each piece reveals itself throughout the process and cannot be planned out in advance.

putting a few finishing touches to the piece below...



JC photographed my recent wedding and she was amazing! On the day of my wedding she was exactly the type of person I wanted around. She had a genuine smile on her face at all times which made me and my fiancé enjoy having our pictures taken. She was always available by phone, text and emails and she even encouraged me to reach out to her at any time for any reason. The best part about JC are her pictures-they came out beautiful! She has a brilliant eye for photography and I'm having a hard time choosing which pictures to frame in my house. - Jennie

JC is a wonderful photographer who makes you feel so comfortable. She is naturally a very joyful person, so what better a personality to have around you on the day of your wedding? She nailed all the photos we had on our shot list and more! With a classic, but creative eye, you will be overwhelmed by the results. She knows what makes a good shot without it being uncomfortable, yet is still very open to your ideas. Thanks JC- you rock! - Elizabeth

JC has an incredible way of having a presence without really being seen. She has a great way of handling family members in a patient and sensitive way before, during and after the ceremony. She also has an amazing eye for the perfect shot. We are so happy with the pics she had for us, but just as importantly, we were so impressed by how she handled the pressure and the many logistics that went into our 3 day wedding event in Maine. We were blown away her professionalism and her "way"... - Don

Using JC for our photographer was one of the best wedding decisions we made! We had met with a few other options, but about halfway through our meeting with JC, I knew that she was the right fit. First of all, her personality is great (which is very important in a photographer when you're spending lots of time with them in close quarters) - we instantly clicked. Second of all, her photos are stunning. She truly captures that "photojournalistic" style that I love in wedding photos. We got tons (and TONS) of compliments on our wedding pictures. She chooses locations that are truly reflective of the couple and their personality, and was an absolute dream to work with. My husband and I will be celebrating our second wedding anniversary in about a month, and we still continue to recommend her on a consistent basis. Thanks again, JC! - Sara

JC was great! Not only is she extremely talented but she's also just a nice person and very personable, laid back and easy to work with. We are so glad that we chose JC to shoot our wedding. Our pictures are beautiful and it was a pleasure working with her from day one. We would highly recommend her services to others and we will for sure be going back to her for our future photography needs! - Ella


Having a small event with under 50 people? Let us know, as we’ll gladly work with you on a price!

Getting married out of town or at an exotic locale? Destinations weddings are tons of fun, we love ‘em and will work with you to make it happen... Lets GO someplace cool!



45 rpm

Up to 5 hours coverage and approx. 400 edited, unmarked high-resolution images in an online gallery for download. Gallery active for 1 month. Perfect for a small wedding or intimate event. One photographer - $2100


Up to 8 hours coverage and approx. 800 edited, unmarked high-resolution images in an online gallery for download. Gallery active for 3 months. 2 photographers - $3800


Up to 8 hours coverage and approx. 800 edited, unmarked high-resolution images in an online gallery for download. Gallery active for 3 months. Two photographers and 10x10 custom designed Riviera Album. 80 images - 30 pages and your choice of cover-style/material/leather etc. Metal covers, specialty and dual tone covers available as upgrades. - $4700


Up to 8 hours coverage and approx. 800 edited, unmarked high-resolution images in an online gallery for download. Gallery active for 3 months. Two photographers and 10x10 custom designed Eldorado Album. 80 images - 30 pages and your choice of cover-style/material/leather etc. Metal covers, specialty and dual tone covers available as upgrades. - $5700


extra goodies

Bel Air parent album - 8x8 Bel Air album. 30 images -20 pages. Extra images/pages available as upgrade - $385

second photographer (suggested for days over 9 hours or over 175 guests) - $500

engagement session in CT within 30 miles of Fairfield county (60-90 min) - $500

engagement session out of state (60-90 min) - $750

extra hours - $300 per hr.

handmade Encaustic art piece - $325

Vespa gallery box with or without easel - $995

flash drive with wedding files - $100


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