Playing our Part A Campaign for the League of American Orchestras

Four years ago, the League announced a blueprint for the future: "Creativity, Engagement, Impact: The League of American Orchestras’ Strategic Plan: 2016-2020."

It called for major investments in helping orchestras increase their capacity to be relevant and responsive to the needs of their diverse communities, as well as develop effective leaders and robust organizations.

It also called for the League to strengthen its own internal capacities in order to better serve the field.

The League has been delivering on this transformational plan.

Launching the American Orchestras’ Futures Fund and The Catalyst Fund – large-scale re-granting programs in support of innovation, and equity, diversity, and inclusion in the field.

Establishing, in partnership with the Sphinx Organization and New World Symphony, the National Alliance for Audition Support to support early career Black and Latinx musicians with mentorships and audition travel stipends.

Releasing four major field studies that provided insight about the industry and the broader cultural and economic environment.

"Nothing short of organizational reinvention is required for the League to continue the work of its Strategic Plan. Work which has only become more urgent in these uncertain times. The League must transform, addressing critical needs in order to be an indispensable resource to orchestras now and in the future."

Jesse Rosen, League President and CEO

Strengthening the League’s Capacity

Last year, the League developed and commenced a major, two-year infrastructure plan that will transform the League for the future. The League’s $2 million Playing our Part campaign will fund the four strategic priorities of this plan.

This recent capacity building work has helped the League deliver vital information and learning to orchestras as they work to navigate the current pandemic.

Campaign Priorities

New Headquarters

In January 2020, the League relocated to 520 Eighth Avenue in the Garment District of New York City. The new space will:

  • Support collaboration and innovation among League staff.
  • Feature facilities that enable League staff to effectively engage with and provide service to its members.
  • Save the League $250,000 annually in occupancy costs.

Dynamic Website

In Fall 2020, the League will launch a new website that reflects, serves, and inspires a vibrant and diverse orchestral community. The new site will:

  • Provide greater access to timely and relevant information.
  • Support members in their organizational roles and through professional development.
  • Showcase the orchestral community to the larger public.

Integrated Technology Ecosystem

The League’s new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform, Fonteva, is integrating multiple dimensions of engagement from memberships and event registrations to donor data. This will:

  • Improve data integrity.
  • Empower League staff to better understand and serve its members.
  • Provide a seamless, high-value experience for members when engaging with League programs and resources.

New Digital Learning Program

The League’s new digital learning program is expanding its longstanding investment in the professional development of orchestra leaders. It is helping the League to:

  • Deliver critical knowledge and expertise to support members in this unprecedented and unpredictable time.
  • Reach exponentially more orchestra leaders.
  • Disseminate knowledge in adaptive formats that are relevant to 21st century learners.
  • Provide an array of learning opportunities that meet the broad needs of the field.

Playing our Part Campaign Goal: $2,000,000

New Headquarters: $675,000

Dynamic Website: $395,000

Integrated Technology Ecosystem: $770,000

Digital Learning Program: $160,000

Campaign Progress To Date

Over $1.5M, including $790,000 from the League’s Board and Emeritus Directors, has been raised.

Campaign Naming Opportunities

Visitor’s Reception Lobby: $400,000 (reserved)

League Board Room: $200,000

Digital Learning Studio: $150,000 (pending)

Conference Room: $100,000

President’s Suite: $75,000 (reserved)

Four Meeting Spaces: $50,000 per space (two available)

Staff Lounge: $25,000 (pending)

Three Privacy Pods: $10,000 per pod (reserved)

Recognition Tiles: $2,500; $5,000; $7,500

Why Your Support Matters

When the League launched this campaign earlier in the year, we viewed it as a pivotal moment in the League's history; a chance to transform the way the League serves its membership and the entire orchestral community:

  • Providing greater access to timely, relevant information and new learning.
  • Removing participation barriers to highly valued learning offerings.
  • Improving overall service to orchestras and all who serve them.

Now, as a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic, the need for these changes and the infrastructure to support them is greater than ever, as we strive to deliver the vital information and learning that orchestras need to navigate the current crisis.

We hope you will "Play your Part" and make a gift to the League's Playing our Part campaign. We can't do it without you!

For additional information, please contact a member of the League's development team:

Photo credits: Rui Dias-Aidos of New World Symphony's world premiere of Polaris at New World Center -- Alan Poizner of performance of "Crucifixion Resurrection: Nine Souls A-Traveling" from League 2019 Conference, Nashville -- Dan Rest of Anthony and DeMarre McGill at the League's 2018 Conference, Chicago -- Bonnie Rezabek for the Grant Park Orchestra and Chorus at the Jay Pritzker Pavilion in Millennium Park -- Abigail Collins of 2019 League Essentials of Orchestra Management Seminar -- Greg Helgeson of conductor Roderick Cox, League 2016 Bruno Walter National Conductor Preview participant -- League office renderings by WXY


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