Syria's civil war matthew basso

The most part that was challenging was to understand what was happening in their place at this time for this long. I felt that all the refugees had went their seperate ways and didnt go places together

causes of Syrian civil war

The incubation stage is where something long term happens which that means that what is going to happen or what is being planned will occur or happen for a long time. The long term events that are happening right now are all the refugees fleeing Syria and going to places along the border lines of the united states

systematic stage

In the systematic stage things had caused global rage on leaders toward Syria and so people had gotten so mad at them there was a war building up. In Syria many people had died and with all the buildings being ruined and broken down it is going to be a long process to fix everything and get everyone's life back to normal.

crisis stage

in my opinion yes syria has entered the crisis stage many people have died for no reason thousands of parents and children have died becuase of syria and the mistakes they have made towards other countries in the world.

convalescence stage

I feel that it will definitiley take a long time to get the country back together and in shape. The whole entire place is destroyed I would say maybe even 4-5 years before its even cleaned up and ready to be able to support peoples needs. they will need to tear every single building down and then clean up all the buildings and then find the money to rebuild all these buildings and homes and to be able to grow food and have a farm.

Syrian civil war V.S. French Revolution

The Syrian war was crazy all the buildings were destroyed peices of concrete were all over the place many people had passed away during the war some had gotten away during the war and had fled to the united states to recover from the war that is happening. In the french revolution french citizens had raved and went against their leader which was Napoleon Bonaparte they had changed their political landscape and how he had ran the country the revolution had only lasted from 1789 and the late 1790's. The Syrian war hasn't been going for a long time it has been 3-5 years now.

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