History Of Phones By: makenna klemme

How are phones important to global society?

Phones have become a very big part in peoples lives today. Phones are important the global society because phones allow people to connect with family members that are far away from one another. Phones are also bad because they can change lives of people because before mobile phones were made people couldn't get a hold of each other if they got stranded or something because they wouldn't have anything to call someone for help and they would have to hike to find a pay phone.

Society would be way different because if you wanted to talk to someone at all you would have to wait until you seen them because you couldn't text them or call them to try and talk to them right away. When you are in the car most people now use their phones to listen to music through an aux cord instead of the radio or Cd's. When you traveled you would have to use a real map instead of looking and using your phone maps so that it can track where you are going and

Phones have changes all throughout the years just like humans and animals have. There has become many different types of phones. There is smart phones, flip phones and many more. People have forgotten about some types of phones and there are many different kinds of phones because they have changed through the years. People have become very obsessed with their phones these days.
See there are many different kind of phones that people have used through the years because the phones have been growing and the quality has been getting better.

People have become very obsessed with their phones because people are on their phones 24/7. Anytime someone has a chance to get on their phones they will be on them because that is how people interact these days, they don't go out and talk to anyone because they are too busy on their phone.

The apps that people use most on their phones I think are Facebook, Snap chat, Instagram, and any type of apps that you can edit any kind of photos with.


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