Personal Values Learning objective six

Top Ten Personal Values
Top Five Personal Values


My final five choices for the most important values in my life included family, purpose, stability, health, and safety. These things seem to be associated with the way I want to feel in my life rather than what would help others, or influence what others feel. I choose to have a stable and safe life that will fulfill my purpose in life, which is to have a family and in order to enjoy these things in life I need to be healthy. A few of the last things that I decided were not as important to me as family, purpose, stability, health and safety, were humility and honesty. It came down to what would make my life the happiest and what would help fulfill my goal in the best way, which is to have a stable and loving life with family. It was extremely difficult to throw out humility and honesty because they are important aspects of how I want to be as a person and how I want to be towards both myself and others. It came down to family, purpose, stability, health, and safety affecting my personal life more than the others which in turn, affected my social life. The values I chose can help me achieve my goals by motivating me to do well in my classes so that I can offer a stable and purposeful life to my future family. These will affect my long term goals by helping me remember what will be most important to me when I reach the point in my life when it will be time to life based off of these values.


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