INNOVATIVE MEDIA By Sarah shahidah binti shahaz (0324809)

Innovative media serves to enhance our knowledge regarding the current dimensions of digital media technology and is practiced namely in web and mobile sphere. I would expect to learn more about the usage and advantages of digital media by attending this module. Personally, I enjoy learning new things regarding media technology as i do not participate often on learning about it on my own. Therefor, learning this module allows me to make greater progress in expanding my interests. Gaining ideas on how to improve myself on being more creative and technology advanced would also be one of my goals in this module.



Assignment 2: Short Video (Treatment)

Scene 1

Characters : Jane Cho

: Nurfarhana Mastura

: Sarah Shahidah

: Jeremy Khoo Jheng Kang

: Airil

: Hussain

Location : Jalan Alor Kuala Lumpur

Props : Camera, Bagpacks, Car

A group of us which is Jane Cho, Jeremy Khoo, Nurfarhana Mastura, Sarah Shahidah, Airil and Hussain arrived at Jalan Alor Kuala Lumpur which is the long food street that attract tourist. We will show the surroundings of the area and we as a group which are the 6 of us will start to vlog while walking and be saying “ welcome guys to Jalan Alor”.

However, we will be showing the number of restaurants that they have over there at the Restaurants.

Scene 2

Characters : Jane Cho

: Nurfarhana Mastura

: Sarah Shahidah

: Jeremy Khoo Jheng Kang

: Airil

: Hussain

Location : Jalan Alor Kuala Lumpur

Props : Camera, Bagpacks

As we walk further, we as a team will start walking in further to explore on the restaurants to show which are the best top 5 best food in Jalan Alor that is a must to try. Our team have had decided on 5 restaurants which have different type of cuisine such as Restoran Wong Ah Wah, Dragon View, Mook Thai, Dina’s Kitchen and the monster ice-cream for dessert. We will introduce the number of best restaurants and each of us will be saying based on our respective restaurants that be we had chosen.

Scene 3

Characters : Hussain

Location : Restoran Mook Thai Food

Props : Camera

We choose the first restaurant to stop which is the Restoran Mook Thai Food. It is based on Thai food and Hussain will be introducing the food based on the best food they serve in that shop. Hussain will be saying “ this is the best food in Jalan Alor” please do drop by and he will be explaning more on the food. He also give further information about it thus he explain multiple food that is the main best in that restaurant. The rest of the team are sitting down listening to him and tasting the food together in order to try on new food that the rest of us never try it before.

Scene 4

Characters: -Airil



Location: Restoran Dragon View, Jalan Alor

Props: camera

As we continue exploring the food wonders of Jalan Alor, Airil leading the rest of the group, begins to introduce a new type of dish. We end up at Restoran Dragon View, which is a Vietnamese cuisine restaurant. Airil looking excited and he then introduces the specialities and famous food of the restaurant. Dishes such as Pho Noodles and Cha Gio, which means, fried spring rolls, were ordered. With a close up of him enjoying his food, some of the group members have a close up of each enjoying a traditional dish.

Scene 5

Characters: Sarah

Location: Dina's Recipe, Jalan Alor

Props: camera

Sarah approaching a stall that is featured for grilled lamb. Sarah looking impressed as she saw the lamb being roasted on a grill bar up close. A lot of smoke is being fanned out by a staff member from the lamb as it cooks. Sarah begins to join the staff member as he allows her to fan out the smoke as though she was his assistant. She then eats a ready chopped grilled lamb that also included black paper sauce all over it. Sarah looks extremely pleased on how delicious the dish was.

Scene 6

Characters: Jane

Location: Wong Ah Wah

Props: - camera

Jane begins showing another restaurant which was popular for freshly grilled chicken wings. Wong Ah Wah is a Chinese restaurant and is always listed as one of the popular locations to eat. Jane holds up two chicken wings in excitement. A close up of the chicken wings shows how juicy the chicken wings are. Jane eats the chicken wings with so much emotion as it thrilled her even more. She shows the rest of the group a thumbs up which indicates how good the chicken wings are.

Scene 7

Characters: Farhana

Location: Desserts Monster Stall

Props: Camera, handbag

Lastly, we stopped at the monster ice-cream stall and Farhana introducing the monster ice-cream. She is holding the ice cream cup and be saying “ Monster ice-cream that is made or ice but in a different kind of way” *shake around with it*.

Scene 8

Characters: -

Location: Jalan Alor Kuala Lumpur

Props: Camera, tripod, cars

It is the end of our top 5 best restaurants that we introduce in Jalan Alor. It comes with various type of food suggestion that we have gave which are thai, vietnamese, chinese, malay and desserts shop. Each of us have introduce the food based on the specific restaurants. It will shown as a time-lapse the whole process on how Jalan Alor is one of the hectic place and best place to eat.

Scene 9

Characters : Jane Cho

: Nurfarhana Mastura

: Sarah Shahidah

: Jeremy Khoo Jheng Kang

: Airil

: Hussain

Location: Jalan Alor Kuala Lumpur

Props: Go-pro Camera, Handbags, Cars, Selfie sticks

Last but not least, we as a group started to take selfies and start vlogging on our experience and how happy we are. After we are done we will dismiss back to our own separate ways.

Exercise 1: Stop Motion Animation

This stop motion video that I and my group mates have created is based on the famous all timer game, PacMan. Though, in our video, the usual ghosts that kills PacMan are replaced by our own images to make it more interesting. PacMan begins the game and each of us taking turns attacking it. PacMan eventually loses and is to re-start the game by going in reverse to "Play Again".

Sarah Shahidah, Jane Cho, Nurfarhana & Jeremy :)

Exercise 2:Viral Content

drug myths and facts, you must know!

As the world continues to evolve with modernity, children and teenagers are constantly upgrading themselves and ignoring certain morals to have fun by using dangerous substances. What I meant by “dangerous substances” consists of drugs. According to an article from, addiction starts from failure to understand the true consequences of drugs by listening or reading myths or misinterpretation of information. Your parents would probably be telling you that one puff of a marijuana joint will make you delusional and you would end up in Rikers for good. While your friends who smoke it tells you it feels like your one with the earth and hippie questions begins to emerge. Though here are some facts that you need to take note on rather than you believing a hippie myth.

1. Marijuana, Cannabis or Ganja is filled with THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and this particular drug has gotten many people, especially teenagers hooked up.

Myth: Marijuana is completely harmless.

Fact: Marijuana and cigarette smoke are chemically alike as heavy marijuana smokers tends to have similar negative health effects as cigarette smokers. Sickness such as bronchitis and respiratory illnesses tend to affect heavy marijuana smokers though, it is not the only way to consume marijuana.

2. PCP (Phencyclidine) also known as angle dust and Sernyl among others. It was brought to the market in the 1950’s.

Myth: PCP (Phencyclidine) can turn you into Superman/Superwoman!

Fact: There are NO evidence stating that PCP causes increase in human strength in any way though it is a form anaesthetic. PCP users do not feel pain, however the drug only reduces the pain and allows a person to have hallucinations. So, PCP users may claim themselves being superman because they have the hallucinating belief while having the ability to not feel pain when performing an unreasonable act.

3. MDMA(methylenedioxymethamphetamine) commonly known as ecstasy is a psychoactive drug used primarily as a recreational drug in a concerts, raves and clubs.

Myth: You can tell it’s a good ecstasy just by looking at it.

Fact: No, you cannot. The shapes and stamps of the drug does not mean anything basically. It is just a psychological hype we humans created to give a drug some standard which sometimes involves the price of Ecstasy as well. When done a full analysis of the drug, then only can you determine it is purely MDMA, ecstasy’s chemical name. MDMA are easily replaced by another dangerous drug which is PMA. PMA causes more harm than MDMA already is, even a small dose of it can raise the level of blood pressure as well as body temperature steeply. Larger doses can lead to coma or even, death.

4. LSD (Lysergic acid diethylamide) also known as acid, is a psychedelic drug known for its psychological effects. It is use mainly as recreational drug and kids nowadays even use it for spiritual reasons.

Myth: LSD (Lysergic Acid Diethylamide) is physically addictive.

Facts: LSD is not considered as a highly addictive drug because it does not produce the cravings associated with physical addiction though it may cause dependency of it on an individual. Dependency is psychological and leads to difficulty on giving up the drugs as it was probably always needed to face social events for instance. The more often a user takes LSD, the more dose he or her requires as time goes by. Though, the more the dose the more dangerous side effects will occur.

5. Cocaine, also known as coke, is a strong stimulant mostly used as a recreational drug. Commonly used by snorting, inhaling, or injecting into a vein.

Myth: Cocaine is a safe drug and has no side effects plus it is not addictive.

Facts: Cocaine in all forms has the potential for serious and dangerous effects on both body and the mind. Particularly at a high dose it can cause tremors and convulsions, infection, heart attack, stroke, psychosis and death. Even a few uses of cocaine can result in addiction, and the users can cause trouble with the law due to feel significantly on top of the world without hallucinating.

6. Myth: Driving is not affected by the consumption of drugs.

Facts: Drugs will affect a person’s ability to drive and risk his or her own safety or the people that ride along in the passenger’s seat. It can weaken the muscles, change our attention span and disrupt our judgement. Certain drugs such as PCP or LSD causes hallucinations which leads to distortion of physical surroundings. This can lead to so many incidents, no further questions asked.

7. Myth: All people who consume drugs are addicts.

Fact: No, they are not. Addiction only develops when a person’s characteristics differences, how they abuse drugs and the reasons to consume it. There is so much more than addiction than just using drugs. People may use it for recreational purposes. For example, teenagers consume marijuana to enjoy a music concert or they consume ecstasy to go to a rave party and that is it. Addiction only begins when characteristics such as increase in conflict within relationships, legal problems that is associated with the drug use, failure to stop using the drug or even financial problems due to spending too much on the drug. Continuous use of drugs would often lead to addiction and this is when it becomes a major problem.

All in all, set the facts aside though it is already as bad as it seems, drugs are dangerous. Consumption usually begins in the teenage years or even during middle school ages where they feel the need of social acceptance by using that drugs in comes cases. Curiosity would also be one of the reasons they begin. Maybe you would see your friends dancing and tripping on ecstasy while wearing sunglasses at 3 am and you begin to wonder, “what does it feel like?”. These choices must be made smart by the younger generation because drugs are not a decreasing trend at the moment; therefore, precise information must be distributed to them rather than they consume drugs based on mythical information.

Exercise 3: Infographic

ASSIGNMENT 3 (Chat Stickers)

i) Sad cat

ii) Hungry Cat

iii) happy cat

iv) sleepy cat

v) angry cat

vi) In Love cat

Exercise 4: Mobile App

Front Page: Our app sells fast food that will make your tummy happy! The food we sell include burgers, sandwiches, salads, desserts and also drinks.
About Us: In this page, we tell you what our restaurant serves to you people out there. For those who feel lazy to step out or need a quick supper, we’re here for you!
Burger Main Page: This is basically the menu page for the food we provide on our app. You may select on burger, sandwiches, fries or all together! We ease your process by having the price stated on the side of each menu.
Burger Menu Page: On this page, you may enjoy on choosing different type of burgers we have in our store.
Sandwich Menu Page: Here’s the type of sandwiches we have on our menu. We serve from bacon sandwiches to ham sandwiches, and also wrap for those who are hungry but not planning on eating a heavy one.
Fries Menu Page: Different shapes of fries await to be eaten by you! Make your perfect choice on the perfect shape for your perfect tummy!
Salad Menu Page: We provide you two types of salads to choose on; Taco Salad and Avocado Salad. Perfect bowl to keep your tummy happy and healthy.
Reservation Page: You’ve come to the page for you to make a reservation at our place as we are available at a physical store.
Review Page: Where you can take a look on what other customers have said about our products and services.
Location Map Page: A map to show you where our location is if you plan or dropping over for dine in or take away.


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