“Trunk or Treat”, hosted by the United Methodist church on Saturday, October 29th enabled children 12 and under to safely trick-or-treat and give back to the community.

The church's’ parking lot was filled with cars, their trunks festively decorated with Halloween decor, each with its own unique theme, and candy to hand out.

A participant decorated her yellow Jeep to resemble the popular figure from Pokémon, Pikachu

As families entered the event decked out in costumes, they were greeted by a donation table to place their canned food items to benefit the charity partnered with the church, Person to Person.

Cans donated by participants sit ready to be used to benefit the homeless receiving them from the charity partnered with the United Methodist Church, Person-to-Person

“They’ve basically stocked our pantries to provide for the homeless, [...] it’s just a great way to give back,” Dan Gelman, chair of the church council, said.

Gelman remarked that this is the season in which it is especially important to donate, as the winter months set in and pantry stock dwindles.

Another motivation for the church was to give children a safer option to trick or treat with families in a contained environment.

A toddler climbs atop a truck filled with hay to pose for a photo

“Kids are going to come over and trick or treat instead of trick or treating past houses at night which is more dangerous,” Colin McKechnie ’17 said.

A child dressed as an astronaut collects starburst candy from a trunk

“It gives us the opportunity to decorate some trunks, be creative, and make it also a safe place for kids to come and go trick or treating from trunk to trunk,” Gelman agreed.

A Charlie Brown themed trunk is decorated to highlight components of the shows' 1966 Halloween special episode titled 'It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown'

Mckechnie attended the event to represent Staples Players. The Players had two vehicles on display, with their banner strung across, adorned with Halloween decoration and promotional posters for past and upcoming productions.

“It’s a great way to publicize the show and make some kids smile” Mckechnie said.

The Players’ quartet entertained with songs from their upcoming show, Music Man.

Members of the Staples Players quartet for the upcoming show 'the Music Man' harmonize

“We’re so thankful to the Staples players to get involved with their two vehicles-- it’s awesome,” Gelman said.

Senior Players (left to right) Colin Mckechnie, Jack Norman and Remy Laifer pose in front of their cars decorated to promote the club, and get in the spirit of Halloween with their costumes

Other trunks also drew the attention from many participants. A family that designed a trunk inspired by the Ghostbusters movie received many compliments for their impressive display, from their blowup Stay Puft Marshmallow Man to their ghost piñatas.

“We’re big fans of the movie,” Jennifer Dize, contributor to the trunk added with a smile.I think this is a great thing the church is doing here and is just a ton of fun-- it’s such a nice family event,”.

The Dize family poses in front of their 'Ghostbusters' themed car

Dize explained that her children's’ school had also hosted a similar event, and that she was excited for her church to jump onboard.

This event marked the first annual tradition at the United Methodist church, in which they wish to continue in the future.

A participant smiles at the trunk featuring apple farmers, including a poll posed to the children to choose their favorite type of apple

“We’re very grateful to everybody who volunteered and have come together, Gelman said, “That’s what it’s all about.”

A participant tells the children about her trunk and hand out candy

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A child exists the event, costume-clad and with candy in hand of course


Photos by Margot Mather '17

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