Fashion Fever By Clare Olson

New fashion trends have swept through social media and inspired many to change up their style during the quarantine period earlier this year.

It is no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic has given students a lot of spare time since March. For many, online shopping has emerged -- more than ever -- as a big way to spend their extra free time — and spare cash.

Whether choosing to indulge in clothes purely for comfort or raise one’s spirits by raising one’s fashion style, the extra time at home has gotten people to think about how, if at all, they wanted their style to change and what they wanted to start dressing like.

With the virality of TikTok recently, people are finding ideas there. “Well, for sure TikTok and Instagram gave me new ideas. Instagram has a lot of clothing ads that I’ve gotten, especially recently with all the trendy clothes right now. Same with TikTok, I just like seeing all the outfits on there and thinking to myself, ‘Oh, I want to dress like that,’” senior Ellie Martin said.

Sometimes the biggest influences come from the things you scroll past on your timeline. “Mostly Instagram and Pinterest influenced my style. There's always an influencer whose outfit or style I like and try to recreate,” junior Camilla Banat said.

Inspiration, however, can come from just about anywhere. . “My cousin and celebrities are who I mostly use as my inspiration,” Banat said. “Growing up, I always looked up to my cousin and she influenced my fashion greatly because she had my dream closet. And seeing celebrities in outfits I like helps me too.”

New trends appear constantly throughout social media, but can also disappear just as fast. Recently, some clothing ideas and trends that have really stood out are the 2000’s look, school-girl look, and skater look.

Shopping, whether online or at an actual store, and trying new things within their style can be more than just a hobby; some use it as a therapeutic way to make them feel better at times. “Staying at home during quarantine definitely pushed me to want to shop and experiment a little more for sure. Online shopping always gives me an exciting motivation to finish off the week too though,” Banat said.

But getting ready, especially while dressing in trendy outfits, tends to help boost the confidence and self esteem of so many people. “Honestly, other people saying my outfit looks cute makes me feel good about myself and liking the outfit I have on just makes me overall happier,” Martin said.

However, the lack of physically being in school gives some people less motivation to show off their newfound aesthetics. Students would rather be comfortable when at home during elearning than fashionable with nobody really noticing. “On a rare occasion I will dress in a cute outfit just to dress in a cute outfit, but honestly, probably 90% of the time I’m in sweats and a hoodie,” Martin said.

Above, senior Ellie Martin shows off the "school-girl" style by wearing a pleated skirt, kind of like one that is worn as a school uniform. This is one of the most popular styles right now. (photo: Greta Martin)