Should the government have placed Japanese-Americans living on the West Coast in internment camps???

According to document #3, the United States did the right thing to put Japanese-Americans in internment camps. In the the document it explained that there were many Japanese-Americans who weren't sure who to be loyal to. After, the attack at Pearl Harbor, the government of the United States had to make a quick a drastic decision, whether Japanese-Americans are innocent and shouldn't be put on internment camps. I see why the Unites States did this, they wanted to avoid danger thinking that the Japanese-Americans will turn them down, and give out information to the Japanese government.
Putting Japanese-Americans into internment camps violated their 14th Amendment. In document #4 it states anyone born or naturalized in the United States shall not have their rights reduced and shall not have their privileges and protection taken away as a citizen. No State is allowed to remove their person of life, liberty, or property. In this document, it proves that the United States violated the 14th Amendment of the Constitution, meaning that what they did to the Japanese-Americans was "unethical".
It is very hard for me to decide that what the United States did was right or wrong. Yes, I understand that after the attack on Pearl Harbor, the United States and especially California, were left very vulnerable, and began having trust issues towards the Japanese-Americans. I feel like either way there would've been problems. If the United States decided to not put Japanese-Americans in internment camps, maybe they would've betrayed the government by giving out information to the Japanese. Maybe, like it said in video #3 if the crops that the Japanese were growing have not been inspected, they would have poisoned it. On the other hand, there were many Japanese-Americans who were innocent and loyal to the United States, unfortunately they had to be put into internment camps.


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