John Cabot By: Brooklyn

That little red line is where he explored which is Canada he was looking for silks and spices. He explored in 1497 and 1498. He explored because he was trying to find a shorter route than Christopher Columbus.
He had three ships one was Mathew.
King Henry the 7TH of England was the person that payed for John Cabot's three voyages
This is John Cabot ship.
They sailed the ocean and looked for the northwest passage.
In John Cabot's early life it was like... He was born around 1450. In the 1480's he married a women named Mattea. He had three sons. He moved to Spain and England at least in part, to escape debt accrued in Italy.He took his first son on one of his voyages.His real name was Giovanni Caboto.
He died in in 1499 and he was 49 years old.
He found a rich fish area. But he was looking for a northwest passage. He also was looking for silks and spices.


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