The Shelter Series Presented by Preservation North Carolina

Virtual Programming Series about Places That Matter

We fondly refer to PNC as “the animal shelter for old houses.” It’s a fun nickname, but a responsibility we take to heart. Right now, “shelter” has taken on so many important meanings. At its core, we believe “shelter” remains what it’s always been – a place that provides cover and protection.

Our work is focused on the houses, buildings, churches, schools, and mills that have provided cover and protection for generations of North Carolinians. During this time when “sheltering” has become central to our lives, we want to explore with you the culture, architecture, diversity and stories of the many shelters across our state.

We hope you’ll join us as we provide some fun, distraction, cover and comfort. Come virtually “Shelter” with us! Scroll below for upcoming Shelter Series events!

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Bald Head Island

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Tuesday, September 29 at 4pm

Bald Head Island is a drama about man harnessing the power of the Cape Fear River while simultaneously contending with Cape Fear’s dangerous Frying Pan Shoals. From pirates, to soldiers, to life-savers and light keepers, a diverse lot of characters once called Bald Head Island home. On Bald Head, North Carolina’s first lighthouse stood sentinel, enslaved people first experienced freedom, and the state’s environmental movement coalesced. The Old Baldy Foundation celebrates Bald Head Island’s heritage by preserving Old Baldy Lighthouse as a museum interpreting the Lower Cape Fear’s rich maritime history.

Join the Old Baldy Foundation’s Travis Gilbert in exploring over four centuries of Bald Head Island’s history!

Image: Old Baldy Lighthouse, Bald Head Island

Stories and Discoveries at the Hall and Graves-Fields Houses

Tuesday, September 8 at 4pm

Join us as we explore the incredible stories and unexpected discoveries during Preservation NC's years long headquarters project at the Hall and Graves-Fields Houses in Historic Oberlin Village. Presented by Preservation NC President, Myrick Howard.

The public hardly knows the story of the Oberlin community in Raleigh since its buildings, the tangible links to that past, have largely disappeared. Established as a freedmen’s village around 1870, Oberlin ran from Hillsborough Street all the way to Glenwood Avenue. By 1880, it had about 750 residents, among them carpenters, brick masons and seamstresses. For decades Oberlin was a thriving community with churches, schools, businesses and homes.

Image: Hall House (left) and Graves-Fields House (right), Raleigh

Wilmington, Lost but not Forgotten at the Beach

Join us as we take a look at lost coastal buildings on the beaches of southeast North Carolina. Presented by Bellamy Mansion Museum Director, Gareth Evans.

Tuesday, August 25 at 4pm

Black Landscapes Matter

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Black Lives Matter (BLM) co-founder, Alicia Garza described the underlying motivations for the BLM movement as fighting “to be seen, to live with dignity, and to be connected.” Building on this quote, Professor Kofi Boone uses these three themes as lenses to examine landscapes in North Carolina, and to show how Black Landscapes (could) Matter. Presented by Kofi Boone, ASLA - Professor of Landscape Architecture at NC State University.

Tuesday, August 11 at 4pm

The Godette Hotel

Sponsored by: Laura Benson and Walt Sliva, Beaufort

"The Godette Hotel was once Beaufort's version of a Green Book hotel and restaurant. Back in those days, the town’s waterfront restaurants all refused to serve black customers. The Godette Hotel welcomed them." - David Cecelski

Learn more about this incredible historic landmark and Preservation NC's efforts to help save it from demolition. Interview and Q&A with author David Cecelski and Stephanie Dauway (granddaughter of hotel owners Henderson and Lucy Gray Godette).

Tuesday, July 28 at 4pm

Image: Godette Hotel, Beaufort

Edenton Cotton Mill and Mill Village: A 25 Year Retrospective

Myrick Howard, President of PNC, who helped bring the project to fruition, talks about the project and shows images of the mill and mill village’s revitalization.

Thursday, July 23 at 4pm

Image: Edenton Mill Village House, Edenton

Preservation NC Before and After

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Mike and Mary Cockrill

Through Preservation NC's nationally recognized and award-winning Endangered Properties Program we’ve rescued nearly 900 old, interesting, historic, sometimes abandoned, but always important properties. And there’s a story behind each one. Join us as we take a look back at some of our favorite "Before and After" stories! Presented by Preservation NC President, Myrick Howard.

Tuesday, July 14 at 4pm

Image: Staircase at Coolmore, Tarboro, NC

Lost Wilmington

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Mike and Mary Cockrill

Explore Wilmington's changing historic landscape, including a live Q&A with historian Beverly Tetterton and Bellamy Mansion Museum Director, Gareth Evans.

Tuesday, June 16 at 4pm

Image: Bailey Theatre, Wilmington, NC

We are adding Shelter Series events throughout the year. Please continue to check this site for upcoming events. If you have questions or speaker suggestions for future events, contact Clarissa Goodlett. We look forward to sheltering with you!

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