Aarey colony By vehaan 3a


In aarey colony

The place I visited was Aarey colony and it is located in Goregaon East ,Mumbai.

Biotic factors

Some of the biotic factors

The biotic factors are - Dry leaves,vine and tree,banyan tree,palm tree,ghost tree,orchid tree,ants,seeds,wild rose,butterfly's,dragon fly,eagle and crows.

Abiotic factors

Mud,rocks,soil,stones,cement,water,dead leaves,hill,air and wind.

Symbiotic relationships

Mutualism-the orchid and the tree was happy and the orchid was happy.

Commensalism-water vine and tree.

Parasitism- tody palm or banyan tree.

Issues in aarey colony

Cutting aarey colony and making it into buildings,offices,and malls.Taking natures habitat like animals,birds,do not have habitats.

How to save aarey colony

People should not throw garbage or do fires or cut it and make it into malls,buildings and offices.

Thank you

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