The Solar System our solar system and our planets

Milky Way

The Milky Way is one of billions of galaxies in the universe. The Milky Way has a lot of stars and it is a beautiful part of our Solar System. The Milky way is one of my favorite parts of the universe. The Milky Way is a part of our solar system and it is one of the most beautiful parts of our solar system and its pretty cool to look at through a telescope.


Comets leave tails of glowing gas for millions of miles and through our solar system. Also through out all of the planets it passed while its moving through space. Comets are really bright and beautiful. Comets are really special and really cool to look at while its zooming threw space or the sky. I like comets because they are very cool and they are pretty. If you see a comet you can make a wish too.


The Moon and tiny meteoroids light up our sky during the night and through space.The Moon is really important because it lights up a little bit of our sky at night so it isn't completely dark. The Moon is very known by everyone because it is so important. The Moon's surface is very rocky and bumpy. The Moon is very cool to look at when it is night because at night the Moon lights up and it makes it look fabulous.

The Sun

The sun's surface is almost 10,000 degrees (5,000) and if a space shuttle went near it the astronauts would burn from hundreds of miles away.The sun is very hot it is very bad for your eyes to look at it. If you look at it for too long you could really hurt your eyes or go blind.The sun is very precious and it is the most important star in our solar system.The sun is so hot that if thousands of really hot stars ran into it and the thousands of stars were the same size as the sun together the stars would burn before they even got there.


The Earth travels around the sun at a speed of 18.5 miles per second and water covers 71 percent of Earth's surface.Earth is the most important planet in our solar system and Earth is very hot in some places and very cold in some places or cold and hot like where we live in Ohio. like at the north pole it is always freezing.


Scientists think mar's surface may have had rivers, lakes, or oceans at one time on mars. Mars surface is different that you would think. When i guessed what it was like i thought it would be dark red. But it's not its rocky with maybe rivers and lakes. Mars is a cool planet and it would probably be a cool one to look at too. Mars also has clouds like Earth does but you don't see them often.


Since the 1960,s several space crafts have been sent to explore all of the planets and our solar system. Spacecrafts are very special because they're hard to make. Spacecrafts are very useful. A spacecraft is how astronauts get into space and how they get onto planets. Spacecrafts are really cool to see and really cool to ride in. In spacecrafts it's not like in a house. It's actually kinda miserable to ride in cause it's not cool it's hard because you don't have unlimited food. In a house you can go to buy food but there's no store's in space to get food.

Saturn's Rings

Cassini was the first space craft to explore Saturn's system of rings and moons from orbit. It spent seven years traveling to the planet. Saturn's rings are made out of things like dust. Saturn is kinda a weird planet because the rings of Saturn are not touching Saturn our anything else but them selves. Saturn is a cool planet though. Saturn is rocky but the center of Saturn is dust. Saturn is cool but it's not a planet you can live on. Saturn is not a ordinary planet like Earth you can live on Earth. But on some planets you cant like Saturn, Neptune, Jupiter, and Mars.


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