Hantavirus Jack finke

Target organism - Mainly infects mice (and 2 types of rat) and humans through rodents.
Mode of infection - Mice get infected with hantavirus and their droppings and urine both have the virus in them and people who came in contact with it get infected.
Infectious period - Began in 1964 during the Vietnam War. It is still going on to today and people still get infected.
Symptoms - A fever and chills, muscle aches and headache, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and stomach pain.
Treatments - There are currently no treatments, although there are preventions. The mortality rate is 36%.
Prevention of virus - Block openings that might let rodents in, store food, water and garbage in containers with tightly fitted lids, place mousetraps throughout buildings, keep your yard clean, and stack woodpiles away from buildings.
Two interesting facts - Has been found in every region of the US except Alaska and Hawaii, and the types of mice and rats are the deer mouse, the white-footed mouse, the rice rat, and the cotton rat.
Hantavirus is ball shaped with spores.
Amount of people infected with hantavirus in Germany, 2000's.

Bible Verse - Mark 1:30: Now Simon's mother-in-law was lying sick with a fever; and immediately they spoke to Jesus about her. This Verse has to do with Simons mother being sick and when you are sick you have a virus in you.


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