#MakeChinaGreatAgain By Peyton, Cole, and Marcus

1912 @YuanShikai New President of Republic of China today #allidoiswin
1916 @YuanShikai It looks like China doesn't want me to be emperor #hatersgonnahate #stillgonnadome
1918. @SunYat-Sen Just figured out I am a powerful Chinese leader compared to a lot of em #winning
1918 @ChiangKai-shek Just joined the Nationalist Party. Can't wait to get started! #startingsomethingnew
1918 @MaoZedong China will be mine! Haha! #evil
1920. @SunYat-sen This is the second time we have failed to the imperial examinations #loser
1925 @SunYat-sen Was born as a peasant on the bottom now I'm here #allthewayup
1927 @ChiangKai-shek Just killed a lot of communist leaders #imakiller #nostoppinme
1935 @MaoZedong It was a good run everyone. I ran China for a while... #lifecomplete
1949 @MaoZedong Introducing new political economic order today #makechinagreatagain
October 1 ,1949 @MaoZedong Founded People's Republic of China today #communism #makechinagreatagain

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