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Tutorial How To Periscope

Throughout the video, there are short explanation to give a summary of what Periscope consist of with a slight walk through on certain icons or aspects intertwined in the application. As you begin to scroll through the page, you will be able to get a better understanding to what all the icons means according to the toolbar seen below.

Each individual icon will be fully discussed on all the aspects needed for a better understand on what each of the tabs entail. Following this, the legality of Periscope will be discussed, privacy settings, and limitations that seem to follow with Periscope for those it may concern.

ICONS of periscope

As you open Periscope, the following tabs are what you will find on your screen. As discussed briefly in the video above, the tabs may vary depending on the version of carrier used. However, all of these icons will be shown as pictured no matte what carrier is used.
The TV icon is an icon that displays live scopes or most popular replays. This is best known to be similar to a feed that you would find on other social media places as well. The types of scopes displayed in this sections could be from anyone you may follow, along with any active broadcast whether or not you are following that particular account.
The Bell icon is used for the notification center of the application Periscope. Here you will be notified on various items such as viewers of the scope broadcast or possibly a new follower.
The Globe icon is the icon that displays streams from all areas of the world. The icon will enable you to search the globe on the map in order to find out current live scopes occurring. There are two sub-tabs with the Globe icon including Map and List. The Map view will enable you to find these new live streams and the Live view will be in a list form instead of a visualization like the Map.
This icon, the Broadcast icon, is for those ready to live stream their particular broadcast. There are multiple settings that you will be able to choose from including but not limited to, location settings, enabling Twitter, or allowing those watching to chat with your broadcast. There is also a privacy setting for viewing only to be done by your followers to see.
The People Icon, or followers icon is exactly as it sounds. For this icon, you will be able to identify who you follow, your followers, the number of Periscopes created on account, and viewing the personal profile of yours.

Privacy Settings

For those users who would rather not have the whole world using Periscope viewing their particular broadcast, there is a way in order to have a privacy put on the broadcast created. Once in the broadcast icon part of the process, the user will be able to press the option making the broadcast private. By doing this, there will not be a broadcast of the user appearing on the Globe section for all users of Periscope around the world to view, only followers. You will also be able to select an option for who you want to see even more particular if the user would rather not have all followers see the broadcast either.

Legal Tips

The following link will provide the correct information needed to know for what is it that exactly can and cannot be done on Periscope according to a blog posting created by David Lizrbram

Still having trouble figuring out the in`s and out`s of Periscope? Scroll below to view the videos and the button for more links and even more information/tips on how to use Periscope for the best experience users can have.


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