Voice, Tense, and Mood Study Guide By: andrew feeney

Passive and Active Voice


  • Subject is the doer of the action
  • Usually is one word
  1. Grant missed the shot
  2. Brendan stole the ball.


  • Subject is the receiver of the action
  • Is a verb phrase
  1. The team was good in practices.
  2. The players were not playing well in games.


Progressive Tense

The verb be and a Present Participle is Progressive. There are three types of Progressive, Present, Past, and Future.

Present: Grant is running for the touchdown.

Past: Grant was running for the touchdown, than he got tackled.

Future: Grant will be practicing for a long time.

Perfect Tense

The verb have and a past participle is Perfect. There are three types of Perfect, Present, Past, and Future.

Present: Grant and I have run for a touchdown.

Past: Grant had run for a touchdown.

Future: Grant will have ran for a touchdown.


Indicative Mood

The indicative mood is the form of a verb that is used to state a fact or ask a question

He hits home runs.

He fields the ball.

He throws the runner out.

Imperative Mood

The imperative mood is the form of a verb that is used to give commands.

  1. Brenden, catch the ball.
  2. Brenden, hit the ball.
  3. Brenden, throw the ball.

Emphatic Mood

Emphatic mood is the form of a verb that gives force to a simple present or past tense verb. For the present tense, use do or does before the base form of the verb. For the past tense, use did before the base form of the verb.

I do enjoy baseball.

He does play baseball.

He did play baseball.

Subjunctive Mood

The subjunctive mood of a verb can express a wish or a condition that is contrary to to fact. The past tense is used to state present wishes or desires or contrary-to-fact conditions. The past perfect tense is used to state past wishes, desires, or contrary-to-fact conditions.

  1. He would hit the ball if it wasn't a curveball.
  2. May he hit the ball well next time.
  3. Whether or not we trust him, we have to have faith that he'll hit the ball.


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