Douchey to Dashing

His laugh caught my attention first, luring me through the door. Upon hearing his voice, I did not picture the man it belonged to. It was the echo of a laugh of a cocky high school football star. The face that went along with it, however, was older. Mid twenties would be my guess, but he seemed like he was stuck back in high school, either the bane or peek of one's existence. In this case, definitely the peek. He had sandy, perfectly gelled hair, a flawless unshaven face, diamond studs pierced though his ears, and the stench of tobacco that lingered behind him. There was no question he was, and still believed he was, that bad boy jock. He had a smirk plastered on his face and an arch in his brow that looked as if a string was attached constantly pulling it slightly up, arrogance oozing from every crevice of his being. With the way his voice changed whenever he spoke to a woman, you could tell he was a player in high school, and that nothing has changed. Seemingly confirming my every thought with with every flirtatious, cigarette stained word. I caught myself rolling my eyes as that smug smile deepened at the sound of the high pitched giggle let out by whatever blonde bimbo he had mesmerized by his douchy charm.

However, the more I took in, I saw exponentially more than the presumably, egotistic, player I originally perceived him to be. It was his piercing blue, green, ocean eyes that first started to soften my disgusted image of him. The kindness and light that poured out of them could brighten any mood with every glimmer. I was so focused on his extremely strong personality that I didn't even notice his stormy grey dress pants, his pitch black work polo, and his glossy, black dress shoes. He was clearly in a position of management. He carried himself with, at first I thought was a leisurely, lazy stroll, but upon further observation, I realized it was just the confidence of success. I should have seen it initially because I understand that walk. I could see all the hard work he put into that job that lead him to get that position all over his face. I could hear it in the stern, confident but kind commands that were surely followed out. He was young but respected. A glisten of light then caught my eye. It drew my attention to a silver charm dangling from a black cord. I made out the shape of the charm to be the Triforce symbol from the video game Zelda. When at first I thought he was just a cocky jock, I noticed the nerdier side of him, the kind side of him, the confident side. The more I looked, the more I saw and the more I wanted to seek. It left me with a desire to constantly seek more in people, a desire all people should have.

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