Chevonne Baylor Stage Management Portfolio

Hello! My name is Chevonne "Chevy" Baylor; welcome to my stage management Portfolio! Being involved with both technical theatre and performance for many years my maturity and enthusiasm for the theatre grows consistently. Holding positions primarily on the production team in some leadership positions, such as Technical Run Crew, Light Board Operator, Sound Technician, Actress and Stage Manager creates versatility. The theatre has always been a place where I find a combination of the many activities I find fulfilling: creativity, hands-on work; organizational management; experimentation; and personal interaction. My hope is that this portfolio can help you understand who I am, what I do, and why I do it.

The Amen Corner
Peter Pan & Wendy
The Oresteia
Richard III
Water Play

ODU's production of "Waterplay" adds an additional layer to the the term under water. Audience members follow the evolving ancient Greeks down a giant staircase from the balcony of the Goode Theatre as they progress from the shallows to the deep. Along the way audience members can interact with lights, bubbles and sea creatures; relax by the water; and manipulate the environment. A giant mobile created by Norfolk Public Schools fourth-graders and Jim Lyden, set designer, complements the staircase along with fanciful creatures swimming through the "water" above the audience.

As the Assistant Stage Manager I was in charge of the the stage crew, daily cleaning and upkeep of the set. Also, during the show I ran one of the two fly systems which held one of the two "abstract fish". Water play was my first introduction to environmental theatre and it was eye opening.

The Burial at Thebes

"The Burial at Thebes" is a timely, and timeless, exploration of the tension between individual human rights and the security of the state. Antigone, the daughter of Oedipus, learns her brothers have killed each other, having been on opposing sides of civil war. When Creon, the new king of Thebes, grants burial rites to one but not to the other, Antigone defies his order. Creon condemns her to death for insubordination, although she was to marry his son. As the dominoes continue to fall, discord within the king's family results, and he is warned that the gods disapprove. Creon at last bends and revokes Antigone's death sentence, but not before it is too late to halt the now-inevitable calamities and despair.

This was my first show with non theatre major's/theatre heads(LOL) in attendance as actors. This was a new experience because I was not only taking care of scheduling, and rehearsal duties but I was also teaching 5 actors/actresses the ways of the theatre and roles of members of the production team. This group of people kept me actively involved in a good way. Their innocence made me appreciate the little things in the theatre especially the things that I unconsciously carry out.

Into the Woods

Through haunting music and lavish costumes, journey "Into The Woods" as the Baker and his Wife, Little Red Riding Hood; Jack (and the Beanstalk); and Cinderella discover what happens when you get what you wish for, while happily ever after isn't necessarily as imagined.

As the ASM and then the SM when the prior SM graduated, I had to step up to a larger role in a few short weeks. From calling moving trees and set pieces, amazing lighting cues, and timing costume changes this show kept me busy. After calling every other show during our two week run, the show moved to another theatre 1 month later where I was promoted to the SM. Being the SM of the traveling show was hard but very rewarding. I learned about refiguring the stage, lights, and sound, and how big or small the changes mean to having a great quality show to present.

Below is a short documentary that myself and a friend, Monique Abrams, filmed and edited based on the work behind Into the Woods. Besides theatre I have interests in many components of cinematography. Enjoy!

Titus Andronicus

Shakespeare's unsettling, visually stunning blackly comic revenge tragedy has provoked shock, contempt and uneasy laughter since its premiere. It thumps with the passionate heartbeat of the young Bard. Chaotic and bloody, "Titus Andronicus" excites and horrifies in its tale of ultimate power leading to ultimate revenge.

I absolutely loved Stage managing this show. It was serious and funny at the same time. The cast was hard working and the two directors educated me in new ways. This show opened my mind to "Blood!" I learned many ways of making fake blood and how to use them. I also learned many ways to clean blood. Calling this show everyday was a new experience to myself and the audience. Blood was everywhere

Chevonne "Chevy" Baylor

Thank you so much for visiting my portfolio. As you can see I enjoy the theatre. As a stage manager I enjoy being in the theatre early before anyone arrives as much as I enjoy it with cast, crew, and a audience. Below you will find a letter of reference and a few pictures of some of my make up designs. Look closely you will see a picture of one my few acting experiences, If you have any questions please contact me at CSquaredLiving@gmail.com. I look forward to hearing from you.


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