Authors: Bri Shoemaker, Carli Revere, caroline baran

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the homeless ones with an education they need. This organization is for the ones who have no money to be able to get any or any that are in need of a job that may not even have the experience. We will provide free seminars for people who are committed to making a change in their lifestyle. These seminars will provide a college degree that will help them find a better job that will help them succeed.

The Problem

The homeless population is quickly expanding and becoming a world-wide problem. In 2015, 564,708 people were counted homeless on a given night. People do not know how to take that first step to become more successful. An education is a important part of a person's future. It helps provide jobs that pay more money. But getting a college education costs a lot of money nowadays. People without a home and a minimum amount of money do not afford to get the education they need.

The Plan

Our plan is to have weekly seminars to provide an education to the homeless. This will not cost money and will benefit the person's future. We will have volunteers that will teach the classes and provide important information that will help with any job they get. These seminars will include training for jobs and the types of skills they need or want if they have a certain small job in mind to start out with. This will only be available to homeless ones with needing a start, and will not be free education for anyone who does not want to pay.

Why is it important?

Many people say one of the reasons they are on the streets is because they can not get a job at all or even well enough to support them. One of the biggest reasons these people can not get a job is because they do not have the experience or skills they need to and have nothing they can do about it and that is what this program is for. The most you will see a homeless person working is somewhere like McDonald's, it isn't because these people are lazy it is because in the place they are, they can't do much better.


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