CSAMS UVT A trial of the CSAMS iPad & Fieldreach | March 2017

familiarisation event 6th/7th March 2017

So there came to pass a little team-building event in Euston House involving everyone who was going to partake in the UVT. Building a tall structure with a marshmallow on the top? How difficult could that be?

oxd/11 - 9th march 2017

Ben wright takes the big picture

On a sunny and unusually warm March day in deepest Buckinghamshire, at OXD/11, bridge examiners Ben Wright and Chris McCoy undertook the second trial detailed examination using the new CSAMS mobile solution - Fieldreach software on an iPad Mini 4. Observed by Business Change Team members James Gaunt (timekeeper and feedback collector) and Tim Bruce (Subject Matter Expert - Amey), below is a photographic memoir of the day...

oxd/13 - 9th march 2017

how warm?

On the same sunny day as OXD/11, Business Change team rep Anna Hristova collected the feedback...

lec1/181 - xx march 2017

On the mainline out of Euston, again Anna Hristova collected the feedback. Szabi Torincsi was the Subject Matter Expert, while Emily Grogutt from Amey undertook the detailed exam...

Capturing data at LEC1/181 | all smiles!

Throughout March, we continued. In fact, we didn't relent at all. Every day we went out - somewhere - testing, then testing again. This next set of photos is from 20th March 2017 near Saunderton, on the line out of Marylebone station in London. And the weather had changed. Business Change reps Anna Hristova, Szabi Torincsi, Tim Bruce and Christos Mexias braved the elements for the cause...

naj2/85 - 20th march 2017

bit of live loading on the deck!

Cold? Tick. Wet? Tick. Mud? Tick. Senior Management visit? Tick. What better conditions could there be to continue the iPad trial with a visual exam? Examiner Darren Day didn't mind a bit...

naj2/84 - 20th march 2017

i spy, with my little eye...

With the conditions even wetter than those for NAJ2/85, the team pushed on with the next bridge. A full detailed this time. Over to you, examiner Ben Wright...

dcl/100 - 28th March 2017

tonight, matthew, i'm going to be a bridge examiner!

On a foggy start to a day that became sunny and warm, examiner Martin Walmsley took the team off-roading and through defect data collecting on this bridge. Watched by Tom Broderick & Tim Bruce representing the Business Change team and Mark Woodward representing LNW engineers, further knowledge was gained into the workings of Fieldreach...

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