My 3D Printed Boat By mathilde Philippson

In class we established a scientific project which consists in creating a boat on a program called "TINKERCAD". We planed, adapted, built of all pieces a boat, which must float and be stable enough for solid waves.

The two most important criteria of the boat are buoyancy and stability.
BUOYANCY is the power to float or rise in a fluid; relative lightness. The weight of the displaced water = to upward force or buoyant force.
STABILITY is the state or quality of being stable.
Buoyancy is one of the two most important criteria in a boat. For the boat to float, the buoyant force needs to be lower than the waters density which is 1 gram/cm cubed. In order to do that, the boat must be hollowed. As we see on the picture, everything need to be as light as possible (hollowed), but the tricky part is that if the hole is to close to the outside when we print it, their is risks for the outside to be too thin so it will brake.
I decided to base on a catamaran which is boat with a big stability that has two shells, a catamaran is also very floatable because the big shells are hollowed so it can support the weight of the central habitation. Than based on that, I reproduced it and added one extra shell for and even better buoyancy.
Now the second most important criteria is stability, for a boat to be stable is must be in some way symmetrical. It also needs to have shapes who can easily slide onto water. And the third key is that it must be hollowed but solid. If the boat is not stable it risks to flip over or lean to much.
First I will introduce the boats calculations and terms. Than it will be followed by the water displacements calculations and terms.
Since the water density is greater than the boat, it will float.
Assessment of my boat's strengths and weaknesses.

1. (a) How successful was your boat in meeting the design requirement ? My boat was successful design wise, because it looks very good, it also reflects a catamaran which has a very specific and futuristic design. Including 3 shells a catamaran is already pretty, but I went even further I added one more shell it makes it even more artistic and futuristic. (b) How did your boat's buoyancy compare with the other boats when tested by increasing the mass ? Sadly the biggest weakness of my boat was buoyancy. My boat still floated when we put a lot of coins, the only problem was that is will flip over when the coins weren't distributed equivalently. So the buoyancy of my boat was pretty good if all the coins were distributed equally, when the coins were not equally distributed I could still fit 3 coins. (c) How stable was your boat when compared with the others? My boat was pretty stable, the 3 shells helped a lot because the 3 parts help how the boat reacts within the density of the water.

2. What changes would you make to your boat if you were to print it again ? I think I would change in my boat, I think I would add two shells horizontally. What I mean with this is that if they had two other shells it would makes a square. I will show you want I mean in the picture.


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