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What dangers do you see as a person stranded on this deserted island. Be specific and explain your answers.

The dangers of living on this island are extreme, you believe if your safe and that you can survive on an island. what would happen if you were by yourself and had no one to turn to, the only thing you can do is teach yourself how to live, making food for yourself, a shelter for yourself. The island is to far out and there is no service, you would have to think of many ways to call for help to whoever is in a plane or a boat you just want to get off this island. On this island there are many animals including pigs, snakes, goats so forth. A snake could hurt you is your not being careful near it or if you bring attention to yourself that would not be a smart idea. difficulties of living on an island in the middle of the ocean what if a tsunami had just came out of no where the island would be under the water in seconds and you could be swimming for days, weeks, maybe even months. there is so many ways on an island that could effect how you live on it. for one what if you run out of food? even though you would never run out of water. what if you had a really bad disease and there was no one else on the island to help you and your stranded there calling for help but there is no one to help you, your left there to possibly die.. although there are disadvantages such as no clothing, no rescue, no medicine for your sickness ( if any ), no body to talk to you eventually feel stuck, as if your in a clear box and theres no way out i believe a man could go crazy after time if there to alone at one spot for to long. If your on the island you need to build a shelter, you need to wear clothes, all of this could take sometime to make as soon as your left there youd have to start working or else your sleeping with no cover that very night. most people would try to figure out why they are on the island or what happened but that is not the first thing you should do. what if the plane crashed and there was very few survivors, but the plane is on fire and is about to blow up you couldnt get away fast enough, youd feel the heat your skin would be burnt and a piece of the plane could come back and hit you as your trying to get away. also to make fire, to get a signal for rescue but you need wood but your stuck on an island with no store, with no way to make or buy a ax or a tool you can use to cut wood. i dont think you could survive for long on an island.

Many kids and adults are stranded on an island, there is Piggy the fat little boy who ask alot of questions and has no mother, Ralph who is kind of a bad person very bossy and not that out going, not someone who can have a conversation with without being disrespected and told what to do.

Island Rules:

Rule 1. Travel in 2+

2. Dont go out at night

3. Share resources

4. Clean up after yourself

5. Communicate effectively

6. Do your job

7. Do not kill each other .

I think all of them are extremely important but as we get into the book a little more killing someone doesnt really effect anything when there are alot of people on an island so i canceled that one out. Traveling in 2+ isnt really all important either because some people can take care of themselves on an island just fine without someone so i canceled that one out also. Yes it is important to do your job but since there is so many people you can always get someone to replace it, so i also canceled that one out. I automatically cleared clean up after yourself off my list. i think the most important would either be communicate effectively or share resources. Communicate effectively because communication has so much to do with how you live what you do stranded o an island with people you dont know or arent used to. If you dont communicate with each other its going to cause alot of problems because you may go out at night ( when your not supposed to ) by yourself ( when your supposed to travel in 2+ ). the other poeple you are stuck on an island with might get worried as if another person on there island died and so they have to go out looking for you after dark and that may cause many lives because you have no idea what comes out at night. For Example Simon wondered by himself without telling anyone where he is going to be and now hes under a cave by himself without anyone near him. talking and/or arguing with someone negatively can cause you to break rules, want to be by yourself. what is simon gets hurt because hes going at night or what if they dont know where he is? and they look and cause there life for him because they need him to help them to... do his job!! people build off on another you cant ever proceed successfully if you dont have the help you need, not want. you learn to do things by yourself but in this kind of situation you need someone, other people to help you create a rescue, shelter,a and to get food. speaking of food i also thought sharing resources was important because one person cant do 5 jobs at the same time, you need to share resources with the people your stranded with and after a while you get tired of them but you still need them if you want to get off the island. you cant get yourself anywhere if you continue to sink in the same place also referring to you cant get somewhere if you dont have anyone helping you doing things by yourself causes so much stress ad pressure you eventually give up but you grow off eachother you encourage eachother to do better than what you have before, you keep trying because giving up is not an option on an island anymore.

what i believe the theme is, is survival. this whole book is not explaining but showing ways there trying to make it out alive or rescued. Making fires is a way for calling help and for cooking meat, there are many different ways they used each other. piggys glasses were used to make a fire for ships.

Symbols are physical things that represent abstract ideas.

Temptation - Meat

isolation- The island

civilization - Platform

rescue- smoke

survival - Piggys glasses

law and order - conch

democracy- piggy

goodness - simon

anonymity - painted faces

Describe the Beast that seems to be stalking the island. Use the text as backup for your info.

In the book says that it may be a ghost, according to Ralph. it says " unless we get frightened of people " so the next hypothesis is that it may just be another human on the island that has been stranded there too. Percival brought to attention that his father believes its a squid or at least something out of the water, but that created a huge argument because people cannot eat squid, everyone else believes that squid cannot come out of water. In my own believe i dont believe there is a beast i feel like everyones just over thinking everything because they've been on the island to long. if there was a beast they would've found it by now.

Name at least two things the boys are doing or have given up that show how they are now operating on instinct and no longer trying to follow the rules of society. Explain your answers with information from the text.

For one the boys have broke rule number 1, there splitting up in groups. The hunters have to go find the " beast " and Piggy has to stay back, hes in charge of the little kids. The boys also broke rule number 2 because the twins were the one who found the beast and when they ran back as fast as they could when everyone was asleep and since everyone was asleep it was more than likely dark. it was at night because one of the twins said " Ralph, Wake up ! ". Since they've been on the island so long i don't think the rules really matter to anyone at this point there man goal is to catch the beast. They've found dead bodies on the island, they've parted to get food and now its to catch this stupid animal who leaves no trace. I cant remember who said it but in one of there meetings it said " forget the rules " like talking about how they are not important in this situation anymore. They HAVE to split up for survival. There all wanting to do different things for example when they went to find the beast at the rocky part of the area, Jack wanted to stay but Ralph the " leader " commanded that they all go on there isn't food nor shelter. Roger is starting to loose hope on getting a rescue he said " we've got plenty of time " meaning in his opinion they are going to be there for awhile. All the hunters are at the rocks while piggy is left with the little kids.

Foreshadowing ; Ralph has said, “This is a good island” (Golding 35). Ralph’s pronouncement will prove ironic; it is definitely NOT a good island. This is an example of foreshadowing. What problems do readers already know about? Explain why these problems prove this is NOT a good island after all.

A child has already deceased from the fire that everyone made. There is no shelter, the only thing they eat is fruit which causes digestion problems. people are arguing already and they haven't been there for a while. Ralph thought it was going to be fun if adults weren't there but it turns out that they have to work to get off the island he was very excited about being there but as the book gets deeper he wants to get off. Of course he thought it was going to be great because they have food and bathing but little does he know that its all going to go downhill he hasn't been there long enough to know that everything on the island is going to go downward. They had seen a snake and called it the beastie, so there already searching for a creature that might harm them. What Ralph thought it would be is nothing like the reality of being there. They have to work to survive.

Two rituals people are most familiar with are weddings and funerals. Pick an event (a wedding or a funeral). Make a list of at least 3 phrases people use at the event you picked. Using one of your phrases, explain why your phrase is helpful in the situation.

The event Im going to choose is a funeral and the top three phrases i hear is: " We are gathered here today " if you were really close to the person who was deceased you more than likely will here " im so sorry, it will get better i promise " and the next top phrase i here is " he/she fell asleep without goodbye but he shall remain in our memories and hearts for thy is in the hands of the lord ". The phrase that im going to choose is " Im so sorry, it will get better i promise ". im choosing this phrase because it makes people feel like their life isnt over even if they feel deep in there heart that it is, and for me it makes me angry hearing those words because when does it get better when will it ever be the same people who weren't closed to the deceased person and generally nice but we all know before they left there house they said they didn't want to come people tell you its going ot get better for support but you know yourself that it will never be the same. i think this phrase relates to the book also because they have already killed one person with fire and they have another man who is deceased and dragged. Those people who are on the island such as piggy, jack, simon and ralph all of them there going to have flashbacks from all of that i think anyways, there also killing pigs and this " beast " they think there going to find. at this point the only thing the boys wanna do is kill because what else is there?

Choose a character, either Ralph or Jack and explain the effect seeing the Beast has on the character you have chosen. Use textual information to support your answer.

Im going to choose Jack because he wanted to go on the mountain to find the beast while Ralph was making excuses not to go according to Ralph there wasn't enough people. Jack wanted to go on, he wasn't scared he was encouraging in a negative way asking " are you frightened " every time Ralph stopped. Nobody likes to be known as scared so of course he went on. Jack kept pushing and pushing even though all the dust and smoke was making him cough and blind. There was a part where Jack stopped... " Roger and Ralph moved on, this time leaving Jack in the rear, for all his brave words. " Jack wasn't as confident as he seemed anymore now that hes left behind. Ralph started crying, he was twitching Jack caught up to them with his mouth right next to Ralphs ear. After Jack was left behind he somehow caught up and once again asked Ralph " scared ? ", so maybe Jack had a turn around attitude from where he had stopped. To sum everything up Jack was really brave and confident throughout the search for the beast more brave than Ralph and Roger. Jack spotted the beast as he whispered in Ralph's ear, in all honesty i think Jack should be in charge of everything mostly because hes braver than what he seems.

Retell in your own words what has happened to Simon. Use textual evidence to help you create a vivid paragraph.

Simon went up to the mountain because Jack said his tribe was up there hunting so im guessing Simon went to look for Jack, Jacks tribe moved little did Simon know that. Simon ended up finding the " beast " that was actually someone who had died in the war, he found the truth. Since Simon is the big peace maker he decides hey i need to tell the rest of the people on the island because there over here thinking the beast is real but what they don't know is that the " beast " is actually a dead man under a parachute. Well as he was going to tell everything he fell and crawled out of the forest right when every one was dancing and singing about killing the beast and when it rains it usually turns dark. Simon looked like a black figure coming out he was saying what the beast really was but since everyone was worked up about the beast they couldn't hear and automatically assumed Simon was the beast. They killed Simon when he rolled into there dancing horseshoe and off the shore he went. Simon sacrificed himself for the truth, he died because he was trying to help out every one

“Which is better - to have rules and agree, or to hunt and kill?”

Using this quote, take a stand. Pick a side and explain why your decision is best on this island here at the end of Chapter 11. Don’t forget to use textual evidence to support your answer.

There was rules on this island and a lot of people didn't want to follow them, its a two way street with rules and agreeing. If you don't want to follow the rules you may rebel and turn out how jack did or you could stick around like Piggy. The only part i didn't agree with was the chief, if multiple people are gonna be stuck on a island i don't think there should be someone in charge of everyone and what they do i think that's what caused a conflict in the book. Although if they did have rules and agree on things everything could've worked out for the better and maybe people wouldn't have been killed. Jacks plan is to just kill Ralph now and SamnEric don't even wanna be involved with it but they don't want to be killed at this point. So really killing and hunting is bringing people deaths and unhappiness. Jack has killed Piggy, and now hes hunting down Ralph.

" I'm chief. I was chosen. " said Ralph. I chose this quote because i think that the caption summarizes everything. Ralph being chief was not a good idea, he didn't put anyones ideas into consideration which caused all the horrid actions done in this book. I feel if Ralph wasn't chief everything could've gone smoothly. I choose this picture because it looks like the assumed older kid is talking down to the smaller one because he might be " in charge " or considered " responsible ", the picture symbolizes how Ralph was to everyone. Ralph talked down on them as if they were not human or had no internal feelings. Everyone should've done what they wanted and since they weren't " allowed " to by chief Jack rebelled and caused a war, well not a war but deaths. This whole book has been about trying to get rescue and talks and all that not so well informed stuff. Jack KNEW what he was worth and KNEW that he shouldn't be bossed around by someone who commands people to do things while he sits and watch. Simon was the peace maker he died.. after he died Jack wanted to kill and hunt Ralph. In my point of view, Ralph made all of this happen, he didnt think before he speaked he didnt care about anything but the fire and it wasnt fair to anyone who had ideas, Piggy went along with Ralph and ended up getting hit by a rock and died. If Ralph just understood everything and wasnt in charge and they all got along without getting bossed around there would be so much happiness. Jack shouldnt have killed anyone, or wanted to kill people regardless how mad he was but Ralph pushed him to far and he eventually didnt care anymore. Majority of the book was arguing about Ralph being chief and hunting the beast and fire and groups.

Dear upcoming 8th graders, this book is so worth your attention !!. At first i was kind of debating if i liked it or not but it turned out to be a great book. My opinion, the book is just so eventful and it will have you on your feet no joke. I personally like how they compare characters, and all the different people and what they look like and how they talk or what we assume they sound like. I like it in the beginning but i started to when it was like moving quickly. I think i didn't like the book in the beginning because the British man was reading and i didn't like his voice or his emotion. I absolutely LOVED when Mrs.Lyda decided to read the book to the class because shes so energetic, and she just brings suspense to the book. She has different voices for every character, she goes from quiet to loud or loud to quiet depending on what event is happening and its just so amazing. When she reads you get lost in the book no joke, i felt like i was living the book its not my favorite book but it was great. I like the blogs but in a way i don't because its so much typing, and its a VERY LONG blog but it helps you understand the book better. Me personally id rather write things down i'm a old school learner, paper and pencil learner. Her giving question and you having to go back and reread to find the answer it helps you out a lot. The book some parts of the book i personally didn't like at all it made me cringe very badly but it was the scene where they killed a pig and put it on a stick it made me think of it and i'm not that good with blood but it was a quick scene. bye guys ! you'll love this class


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