Imperialism in Nigeria By: priscilla lasater

Imperlialisim is located in west Africa

What is Imperialisim ?

Imperialism is when a country tries to extend their influence through diplomatic or military forces

Imperialism lasted in Nigeria till 1914-1960

BRITISh take Over nigeria

The British took over Nigeria by building trade post and selling manufactured goods as well enslaving the inhabitants there and selling them to other Imperialist countries. Since Nigeria had a weak military force, it was not difficult for the british to conquer Nigeria.


they also took all of their valuable resources like oil and ivory. They did this because Nigeria was the tenth largest oil producing country in the world, and had over one hundred oil and gasoline companies operating in Nigeria.

What method and form of imperialism did the british use ?

Indirect control was used by the british. Indirect control relied on local rulers to accept british authority to rule. The british created a protectorate, or a country with it's own internal government but under the control of an outside power, over the nigeria river to control nigeria.

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