SAVE THE EARTH By STacy kapsali

Scientist Oddo Dodo and his statement: Our earth is getting COOKED.
Metling, our ice poles are MELTING faster!
Even our ice cream is melting faster than before!
Such a horrible doing! The important question here is whyy!?
Global climate is an average climate over the entire planet! But scientist Oddo Dodo and his fellow scientists have figured out that the temperature is rising, getting warmer and warmer on Earth. Who is doing it? The answer is HUMANS.
We, humans, live on earth. We have our homes, schools, supermarkets, our entire lives set up on this planet. But we do not realise that most of our doings effect the planet negatively.
The north pole is melting too! Where is Santa going to live now??
But we can help so Santa doesn't have to relocate! Instead of taking the car to close places, walk!
Inform other people about global warming and stop them from heating up out planet!!


Created with images by Hibr - "earth MELT" • Steppinstars - "ice glacier switzerland" • Couleur - "ice ice cream ice cream flavors"

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