Zoho Demonstration Presented by The Community Education Commission

What is Zoho?

A suite of software that allow organizations to create custom applications.

GOAL Line currently uses: Zoho CRM, Zoho Forms, Zoho Creator (for mobile apps), Zoho Flow (for advanced integrations), Zoho Analytics (detailed reports and dashboards), Zoho Survey and Zoho Sites.

How does GOAL Line use Zoho to support high-quality programming?

  1. Family registration & parent communication
  2. Staff on-boarding and management
  3. Program operations
  4. Case-management & record keeping
  5. Evaluation & Analysis

The current platform was developed for GOAL Line. Each attribute and integration can be customized to reflect the specific needs of a program.

This isn't an out-of-the-box solution. But it has allowed us to use out-of-the-box thinking in order to respond to program needs.

Zoho Demonstration

  1. Website Overview
  2. Registration & Waitlist Management
  3. Program Operations
  4. Student Management
  5. Staff Management
  6. Analytics

Website Overview

The GOAL Line website serves as a one-stop-shop for both families and partners.

The GOAL Line website was built by the CEC team using Zoho Sites. As a DIY website builder, it can be easily modified by staff to reflect any program changes.


1. Register online (the form is mobile friendly and uses conditional logic; payment can also be accepted during the registration process)

2. Parents receive a text message and email confirming their registration choices.

Waitlist Management

Admin can manage the registration process as certain sections fill up. If a parent makes a selection for a program currently on the waitlist, they are able to immediately put themselves on the waitlist.

Familes can view their status on the waitlist to better understand the likelihood of receiving a slot. Each family on the waitlist is texted their "number"; they can then check-in on the GOAL Line page to see what spot they are in line.

Program Operations

The heart of Zoho is used to support strong program operations. At GOAL Line, the following records are entered directly into Zoho using a mobile app that staff have downloaded:

  • Bus attendance
  • Afterschool attendance
  • Parent pick-up
  • Student logs (office visits, phone calls home, parent meetings, referrals, etc.)

GOAL Line Program App Overview

Screenshots of the GOAL Line App

Zoho Spotlight: Parent Pick-Up

In order to efficiently serve the 150+ parents who pick-up their student on site each day, GOAL Line uses the Zoho mobile app. When a parent arrives, a staff member types a student's name and is immediately shown which adults are authorized to pick the student up. After clicking submit, the student's name and section are sent to a slack channel that connect all GOAL Line staff. When a staff member sends the student out of the room, the add a "thumbs up" next to the students name so the receiving staff know the student is on the way.

This allows us to have instant communication with the relevant staff member, in-spite of the chaos of dismissing 200+ students. Additionally, we are able to protect our students by only releasing them to authorized adults (without having to shuffle through forms) as well as maintain a log of each student who was picked-up, at what time and by whom.

Student Management

All student registration and app records are stored in Zoho CRM. The CRM has been organized to allow GOAL Line staff to quickly see an overview of a student's account (attendance records, student logs, etc.) as well as full family profiles and school profiles.

Through this system, we are easily able to ask question like: "when was the last time this student was here?" or "who is allowed to pick this student up?"

Beyond serving as a digital filing system (where information like swimming permission slips, allergy details or IEP notes are stored), the CRM also allows us to quickly communicate with families through both text and email.

We use these communication tools to send texts like:

GOAL Line here! Your student, X, is enrolled in the afterschool swimming program this session. The coral group will swim TOMORROW and the orange group will swim Wed (your student is in the Orange group). Click here to sign the REQUIRED form (if you do not complete your child WILL NOT participate): bit.ly/GOALSWIM
GOAL line here! You did not complete the parent survey. Don't lose your chance to win $100. Complete it today (3-5 mins long): https://bit.ly/2PcNDQD
GOAL Line here! We would like to invite your family to sign-up for a tour of the GOAL Line afterschool program. We are looking forward to showing you the new space and letting you see our program in action. Sign-up here (space is limited!): https://bit.ly/2KbBTfO
Your child, X, has not attended the GOAL Line afterschool program this year. The GOAL Line has a long waitlist of families who want a spot in the program. Your child's spot will be given to a student on the waitlist if s/he does not attend programming by the end of next week. Please contact us with questions: goalline@cecdetroit.org

See a quick overview of a student and parent profile

Staff Management

GOAL Line has over 100 adults who partner with our program on a weekly basis. In order to maintain a clean record of who is on-site, Zoho is being used for the following processes:

  1. Hiring
  2. New staff on-boarding
  3. Clock-In/Out
  4. Reimbursement Requests
  5. Invoicing

Staff are able to access the GOAL Line Zoho tools either through the custom mobile app or the online portal.

If a partner brings a new staff member that has not yet attended GOAL Line, they go to goaldetroit.org/new and complete a 5 question profile. After submitting, they receive this text message and are automatically added to the staff clock in/out app.

View the screen shots below to see more staff management in action.

Hiring portal using Zoho Recruit // New employee accounts created with Zoho forms // Supply reimbursement request submitted through the mobile app or online portal // Staff compliance dashboard in Zoho CRM // Staff timesheets in Zoho CRM // New on-board procedures are stored as a blog on the website and sent to new staff via text // Staff clock in-out in our Zoho app

Evaluation & Analytics

The power of an integrated system comes to life during times of synthesis and analysis. By using Zoho as the base for all our operations, we are able to feed each of these data streams into Zoho analytics.

Although the system was created for the staff on-the-ground, the data accumulated allows program manager and directors to zoom out and ask critical questions while looking at real-time-data. No manual entry or calculations are required to ask questions like:

  • What is our daily attendance rate?
  • How many students have not attended in 2 or more weeks?

Beyond numeric outputs, Zoho's integrated system allows us to easily answer questions like:

  • Which students could benefit from extra behavior support?
  • Which schools have the most engaged students?
  • Which enrichment have the highest attendance?

Survey and Evaluation Tools

Zoho Survey fully integrates into the suite of programs in a way that allows us to track back responses through various metrics. This Fall, we were able to text parents a survey link and have students take a survey on site - all which linked to their core profiles. With this data connected, we answered questions like:

  • What is the difference in satisfaction between those who attend 3+ days a week or those who attend 2> days a week?
  • How did feelings of safety and belonging differ by enrichment?
  • How do those students with IEP's feel supported as compared to those student's without IEP's?
  • How does a sense of connection to the GOAL Line staff differ by boys vs. girls?
Zoho CRM survey results linked by student // Zoho Survey automatic report


Zoho has multiple ways to produce real-time dahsboards. These dashboards can be embedded in online sites, accessed through the mobile app or the CRM. At GOAL Line, a few of the dashboards we use most often include:

High-level dashboard embedded in our site // Student support dashboard allows for a site-wide understanding of behavior // Attendance dashboard allows for real-time reporting by section // Staff dashboard allows transparency regarding clock in/out times.


For more questions contact: info@cecdetroit.org

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