Capturing the campus By viviana Gutierrez

Jennifer Rosillio applies makeup in her dorm. She is getting ready for a new day.
Jennifer Rosillio heads into Franklin hall. She is bringing new creative ideas.
Jennifer Rosillio spends time in her class room. She was learning more about editing videos.
Jennifer Rosillio films outside of Lindy Hall. Jennifer is in Documentary film 2.
Jennifer Rosillio films many cool building around campus. She loves the campus.
Jennifer Rosillio heads back to Franklin Hall. Next stop is lunch!
Jennifer Rosillio looks back through everything she filmed today. Everybody in documentary film was able to pick a topic such as a culture or weather.
Jennifer Rosillio swipes her card to get back into Spruce hall. She had a successful day.
Jennifer Rosillio showers and relaxes while eating food. She is ready to sleep.


Viviana Gutierrez

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