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American Umma fuses together traditional concepts, American style and Futuristic Elements, to create Dope Covered Apparel for all

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american umma was born out of the frustration of the lack of options in the modest market for the modern unpretentious woman. blending elements of urban, traditional, futuristic and unlimited themes, au has carved out a new form of fashion for the next generation. dope covered apparel for all. american umma transcends all religions, sex, race, and genders. thus began a movement, the birth of the au nation. we do not discriminate or place any higher value on our garments .

the mission:

implement dope covered apparel for humanity, through the use of positive, unique and unconventional images. advance a progressive lifestyle and philosophy encouraging good deeds, inspiration, and positive vibrations via fashion FOCUSING ON ELEVATING UNITY.


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Latiya Gholar a Chicago, IL native, started her Fashion Design career after relocating to Sacramento,CA. She graduated in 2010 with a BFA in fashion design & marketing from IADT- Sacramento. After her religious conversion to Islam in 2008, Latiya became fascinated with covered fashion. In which she created a hybrid collection of traditional apparel fused with an american style, known as American Umma. Latiya thrives to create and promote morality in her collections of dope covered apparel. This line is inspired by making covered clothing more fashionable, it's a lifestyle brand for the modern modest fashion community. In May of 2013, the designer started a non-profit fashion design school for the community of Sacramento, promoting knowledge and skills of fashion. D4D teaches fashion design, upcycling, styling and production within the school systems, including producing a fashion show. She firmly believes in investing in her community. Latiya currently resides in Sacramento, California with her family.


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hair and fashion week chicago

Designer calls fashion line antidote to extremism’

March 9, 2017

a local fashion designer is turning heads – from New York to Sacramento – with a clothing line that infuses traditional Islamic clothing for women with bright colors, soft fabrics and sexy lines. “My clothing is not what you think of when you think Muslim women,” said designer Latiya Gholar, the Sacramento-based clothing designer behind the american Umma collection Gholar describes her work as a “hybrid collection of traditional Islamic concepts fused with american fashion hinted with futuristic elements of design.” a New York Fashion Week event in early February showcased 21 pieces of her collection. Her work was also featured at Sacramento Fashion Week’s Feb. 23 “Fashion on Film” event.Read more here: http://www.sacbee.com/news/business/article137320818.html#storylink=cpy

submerge magazine review of sac fashion week

April 2016

Latiya Gholar’s line featured stunning pieces that combined Islamic cultural dress with American cultural dress. The women were covered from head to toe in fabulously movable fabrics ranging from peaches and creams to bold reds and blacks, each accented with gathered silk gloves. As they drifted and danced around each other like graceful swans, I couldn’t help but be drawn to the mesmerizing piece here in airy layers of creamy fabrics, accentuated by a golden belt and shimmery accents; the traditional hijab was modernized with pearl beads that made the wearer seem like a beautifully mysterious princess.


Black Designers You Should Know Of !!

I am Latiya Gholar. I am a designer of American Umma and executive director of Designing for a Difference. My apparel company is a fusion of American and exotic modest apparel. After becom- ing a Muslim 8 years ago, I studied Islamic fashion. Muslims have requirements for dress, but most the styles were very foreign to me. I wanted to cover more, but I definitely didn't want to look like I just walked off a plane from Pakistan. I'm not talking about Pakistani garments, they are beautiful, but not for me. I wanted to develop clothing that al- lowed be to be more covered, but still feel like an American. That is my culture. Studying Islamic fashion, I learned about covered fashion around the globe. From Africa, India, Pakistan, Saudia Arabia, Iran, Afghanistan, England, France, China, Indone- sia, Russia, etc. Those fashions were lovely, but I couldn't see myself looking like another culture, especially as a black woman. So, I used different aspects of the cultures that have been influenced by Islam and merged two cultures in the dress. Although this collection is not Islamic, we do have


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"step outside the box that humanity created for you"

-latiya gholar

what we live by

same concept different style


1. Who is American Umma?

american Umma is an american apparel company that specializes in covered fashion.

2. What does Umma mean?

The word Umma is arabic for community or nation.

3. Is your company making mockery of Islam?

No, we are actually embracing some of the general rules of Islamic fashion. We believe that by merging the two cultures, we can create a bridge to understand.

4. What are the intentions of our brand?

american Umma wants to make, living a covered lifestyle fun, stylish, and trendy.

5. is this haram?

we leave that decision to the master of the day of judgement

6. If I wear the American Umma brand will that make me a Muslim?

No, your clothes can't make you Muslim

7. Can non Muslims wear your clothing?

Yes, our clothing is designed for anyone that wants to embrace a more covered lifestyle.

8. What does that writing mean?

the arabic writing is common phrases or words

9. is american Umma using cultural appropriation to sell products?

That’s not possible when our head designer is an American and a Muslim. We design from a different perspective.

10. Is the brand trying to convince people to be Muslim?

No, we just make dope covered apparel.

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