The Road To Paris By: Reagan gilmartin

Charachters: Paris, a kind, shy girl. She has been to many foster homes, but nobody has wanted to keep her.

Charachters: Parises brother, who has stayed with her as the move to different foster homes. Eventually he is seperated from Paris.

Charachters: Parises mother, a drinker who goes from one man to another. She has offered Paris up for foster homes.

Charachters: Parises new family, Comprised of five members , two boys, David and Jorden. One older girl, Earletta, and her two parents.

Paris is a young African American girl. Her mother, Viola, is a drinker. Parises father left her when she was young. She has nobody but her older brother, Malcom.
Parises only home for the last few years has been her brother. When he is ripped away from her she is heart broken. Though all seems lost she is sent to a nice foster home. There she has a Mom, Dad, two brothers, and a older sister.
Her new family treat her nicely. Her mother acts like she is just another one of her children. She soon goes to school and then goes to a church chore. One special moment for Paris is when her mom gets her a special Easter dress and lets her do her hair up.
At the end of the book Paris is invited to live back with Viola and Malcolm. Though her new family is wonderful to her she feels that she should go to live with her old family.
In the end Paris decides to go live with her brother and her mother. She has a tearful time leaving her newfound family, but she knows they will always be there for her.


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