What I have learned in semester 1 By:Vincent

Science is everything on earth it can study anything on earth and also things on planets they can do that because of technology. 2 things they cant study is the black hole because if you go into it you cant get out and another is lava cause it melts anything. Basic needs of life are energy, oxygen, shelter, water and food. 2 behaviors are the way the communicate like squeaks and roars. Another behavior is when they travel in groups. 2 structures are giraffes long bodies and the narwhals long tusk. I think a scientific model would be a globe it is a lot easier looking at it than taking years to get ready to go to space to look at the world and there is a risk to die. A system is a group of things that work together to make something work and a system like the human body is a frogs body. The computer is a good representation because it all has to do what its supposed to do to work.


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