Prohibition: The 18th Amendment and Bootlegging By: Alia AlShaye

What is Prohibition?

The term Prohibition became part of the American dictionary when the 18th amendment forbid the national production, sale, and transport of alcohol in the U.S. This period of temperance lasted for about 13 years starting in the 1920s.

Why did Prohibition take place?

The dependance on alcohol was a large and increasing issue. Americans were suffering from overconsumption for over a hundred years, which resulted with death as well as the loss of family members and jobs.

What went wrong with Prohibition?

  • Underground black markets
  • Organized crime
  • Alcohol poisoning and physical health of citizens
  • Vast decrease in the economy
  • Corruption of the legal system
  • Civilians going against the law
  • Protests and violence

The repeal of Prohibition

In 1933, the Prohibition era came to an end when Congress repealed the 18th amendment by enforcing a new one, the 21st amendment, because of all the disadvantages that occurred.

Connection to The Great Gatsby


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