darkness by charlie myers

i come home my room is trashed

my dad yells at me and shoves me into the wall

he swings and hits me in my face

i crumble, my face is hurting and im wondering why is he doing this

I stand wobbling, I swing back at him

he swings again and i duck and shove him back

he hits me and yells where is it

i fall confuses, hurting, where is what, it hurts to even speak

her note, where is her note. I yell I don't have it

he starts pounding my head and he screams fight back.

his voice fades away and I am lost, my mind is racing.

I wake up in the hospital like it was a bad dream like none of it was real

not after everything by Michelle levy is fiction. this poem captures the darkness of this book. in this book Tylers mom killed herself and his dad beats him. this poem shows his feelings when his dad is beating him. his dad feels this way because he thinks its Tylers fault that his mom did this. the auther really does a good job of expressing Tylers feeling in this book and how he is depressed. his feeling twords his dad are stong. he does not like his dad and even said "you are the wrong parent who died."he goes through a lot of stuff in this book and thats why the theme is sad and dark.


Created with images by Comfreak - "candle flame water" • bedrocan "blood" • Diestl - "confused" • lesmana_andry - "dark" words from "not after everything"

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