Creating a Coaching Culture Creating teams of fishermen

"Give a man a fish and he'll feed for a day. Teach a man to fish and he'll feed for a life time"

What if you could teach your whole team to fish?

In the current dynamic nature of business, those that can learn and adapt are going to be successful. Creating a team that can learn with and from each other, can innovate, can make good decisions under pressure, that can cooperate and get the best from each other is going to be a critical factor for success.

Top Tips for creating a coaching culture:

Bring learning into the work place

Share what you are trying to develop in your skills with your team and ask for honest feedback from the people you trust will give you the truth (not always the ones that like you). It's scary at first but it's essential for moving forward.

When you go on a course, review your learning with your team and ask for them for help about how to implement new ideas

Regularly review

It's important to generate honest feedback and no where is this more relevant than a post an event in order to capture any learning. Objectivity and absence of emotion are essential to optimise learning rather than blaming. Spend more time on reviewing your successes. Weekly rather than annually.

Develop your own coaching skills

Questioning and listening without judgement are the most important skills for any coach. Practice them and look for feedback about them. What was the best question you asked and why? It's not always about you solving the problem, it's about supporting someone else to develop that skill.

Peer coaching

The people around you are often the best source of feedback for developing you. You can unlock this information when you give them permission to feed back. Respect their feedback even if you don't agree with it and learn to see yourself through others eyes.

Try to attend courses and conferences with others in your team, which allows you to talk about the lessons learnt in the work place and encourage each other to try new things.

Where does it all fit in the scheme of things?

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