THE DONUTVERSE Queer BDSM Poly Glee Family Melodrama with Snacks

I think I just stumbled on something wonderful. -Maryfic
Finn Hudson, Kurt Hummel and Noah "Puck" Puckerman in Glee 2x09 "The Substitute"

What is the Donutverse?

It's even more complicated than it looks.

The Donutverse is a subuniverse in Glee fanfiction, begun in May 2011, which begs the question, “What if (as seems so obviously outlined by subtext on the show) Finn and Puck really had a desire for a Dominant/submissive relationship?” The stories follow Glee episodes closely, starting with season 1, and attempt to keep all canon language and occurrences intact, while simultaneously turning canon on its ear.

"It was clear from the beginning that [Adam] and Kurt would be a fantastic pairing, but there was no way Kurt was going to fall into bed with Adam the way Puck did. It needed to be slow and meaningful, and build to something." -nubianamy
I have a feeling this fic will ruin me in the end. -Konfessor2U

Common themes include polyamory/multiple relationships, Dom/sub or D/s, m/m/m sexual relationships, domestic discipline (spanking and psychological), family drama, friendship, food, Lady Gaga, Adam Lambert, humor, lots of singing and dancing, and donuts.

"I keep forgetting that [Toby’s] an OC." -knittycat99
I hate you in the intervening time between my mouse click and the next chapter. But only then, for a split second, and then I remember the mantra: "Things suck, and they will get better." -SilverSkyz125
The Puckerman family: Sarah, Aaron, Noah, Ruth and Timothy.
I almost didn't read it. The volume of it and the subject matter made me hesitate, but oh, what a loss that would have been for me. I'm so glad I did. -aj4668
I don't usually like OCs but Toby and Sarah and Frances are amazing. I would read whole novels of Toby calling people "darlin'." -donutter
"Your Burt/Carole interactions are better than Puck's muffins." -MicheConnor
I'll never be able to listen to Neil Diamond the same way again. -supergreak
Davis Lawton, Carl Howell and Shelby Corcoran
I wish it was a paperback so I could read it in bed and hand out copies to random people on the bus to make them read it. Change their lives. -gala_apples

characters in the Donutverse

Click the names for more information, pics and links to their chronology.

I’m crying buckets because of a fictional character that I don’t even care about in canon. What have you done to me? - BushDragon
"[Writing the Donutverse] has been life-changing for me... It's definitely not an ordinary story. I'm not quite sure where it all came from... At one point I stopped writing entirely for over six months, not thinking I was going to be able to pick it up again. But I did. It's been kind of my therapy for the past [several] years... I've written a lot of this in airports, and on the plane... I wrote some of it in Santa Fe and some of it in New York City and some of it in Europe, and some in my classroom after hours and some at my kitchen table in the middle of the night. A lot of it has made me cry." -nubianamy
I know I can trust your writing skills because your characterization can make me love any character or ship. -sparklesdani


nubianamy = i am a bunny (and Finn, and most of the characters)
knittycat99 = Toby, Blaine & Mike
flinchflower = Tess

Thanks to the many other Donutverse writers and contributors who have made this series the awesome collective sandbox it is. Specific thanks to elexusniall for writing Gaga and P!nk and supergreak for writing Brittany and Kris Allen.

"This is the first time I have ever liked Finn's character. Ever." -SilverSkyz125
I've read the entire Donutverse over twice and it's amazing. Thank you so much for writing about what you do and doing it so beautifully. Reading Donutverse is really cathartic. -Iria


Quotes are from comments on AO3. Glee characters are owned by Fox, not by me. I make no money from writing fanfiction.

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