Sustainable Living Hacker Rd at Douglas Ridge

207 Hacker Rd

Douglas Ridge will be a community where homeowners can live in harmony with the land and their neighbors. Located on 48 acres in Brunswick, near large conservation easements, the development will feature 17 homes, semi-clustered with well, septic and utilities grouped together to maximize open space. The homes are based on contemporary one and two story design platforms and are sited to be solar powered. 207 Hacker Rd is the first home.

Sustainable Living

Douglas Ridge is partnering with Unity Homes to provide the very latest in home construction technology, design and energy efficiency. Unity Homes brings together design traditions from all over the world to create homes that are precision engineered, manufactured in a climate-controlled high-tech facility, and then assembled on-site – all with a degree of care and attention rarely found in homebuilding these days.

Abutting Conservation Land
Designs That Fit Your Lifestyle

Scandinavian classic

The Varm

The Varm is an extremely flexible design platform that can be configured to look like a classic colonial, country farmhouse, basic barn or even a clean modernist home.

Flexible Design

The Varm takes full advantage of Unity’s integrated building components. The platform easily accommodates add-on decks, porches, garages or sunscreen overhangs. It’s an excellent choice for owners who need a home office, or for larger families who need separate living areas.

Attention to Detail
Comfortable Living Spaces

A Community

Great Location - Close to Everything
No Need to Travel Very Far
Excellent Schools Nearby
Many Outdoor Activities Nearby
Great for Dining

A Better Way To Build

Net Zero

The baseline Unity Home can easily achieve Net Zero or better with a solar array or other renewable energy source.

Controlled Manufacturing

Advanced CNC (computer numerical control) machinery ensures that the minimum amount of wood is used to make the maximum amount of house. Approximately 60% of fabrication takes place in the factory in a tightly controlled environment.

Near Clean Room Environment

The Open-Built® technology creates a home that adapts to the people who live there—saving time and money as they adapt to changes in lifestyle and technology…all in a house designed to last hundreds of years.

Features to Enhance Your Life!

Each Unity home features efficient mechanical systems that provide both heating and cooling; Ventilation systems that ensure a continuous supply of fresh air; High-performance triple-glazed windows; Energy-efficient LED lighting Real-time monitoring of energy usage; High quality finishes and fixtures; Construction details that translate into comfort and durability and an unusually high level of craftsmanship.

Award Winning

Unity is pleased to be named a Top 10 Product for 2016, by BuildingGreen, a leading publisher of independent environmental building news. The awards have been given out for 14 years in honor of products that transform the design and construction industry, by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, conserving energy, and incorporating durable safe materials.

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