Hanna & Walter A Love Story By:Hanna & Walter Kohner with Frederick Kohner

Hanna Boch Kohner is the most important person in this book

Hanna is the protagonist of the book who was the one out of the couple to go into concentration camps. Without Hanna we wouldn't know all of the bad things that were happening in Germany because Walter moved to America. Hanna had to go through many concentration camps and fight with her life to stay alive.

The most important event to me was when Hanna went to the famous Auschwitz camp

Carl was being sent to Auschwitz and they tried to do everything they could to not let him go. Hanna was later given the dreaded grey card, so she would be reunited with her husband. This is important because this is where her first husband, Carl died in October 1994. Also in the end of October 1994, Hanna had an abortion because she said this was the worst condition to have a baby.

Another event that I thought was amazing, was when Walter got accepted into a theatre in Czechoslovakia

To get the school he wanted Walter had to act in many plays and go to an acting classes. Getting a contract to Sudeten German Repertory Theatre in Czechoslovakia, was a dream Walter accomplished. This is where we see Walters true talent and passion for being an actor. But this is also were we see the defiance of his fathers wishes, for him to not be an actor.

One information that I learned from this book actually brought me back to the slavery times with Harriet Tubman

The Jews had there own underground system like the Underground Railroad. They would hide kids and people so they wouldn't have to go to concentration camps. But the the problem was in order to be in the underground you had to take a lot of risks. If you were caught the Germans would have a section for you in concentration camps. The section was like a camp/prison inside a concentration camp. This has meaning to Hanna because Martha died in Auschwitz but her children survived being in the occupation.

One event or information that I learned actually surprised me when Hanna was in Auschwitz concentration camp

The cook was told to put rat poisin into the soup of the cabin Hanna was in. Hearing the rumor the women still drank the soup but were surprised when nothing happened to them. I didn't know that the cooks could choose not to follow the germans or disobey them without them knowing. It's also important because if that cook would have put rat poisin in, Hanna wouldn't have been alive to tell the story.

On a scale of one to five I would rate this book a four

If someone were to come up to me for a nonfiction book I would tell them about this book. I loved how you could see both sides of their life's one of them suffering and the other one fine in America. Also I love romance books with sometype of problem in them. I also think that everyone should learn what happened during that time and the sacrifices people made.

Extra Book Information

Copyright date is in 1984 by Hanna and Walter Kohner. The topic I read about was when Hitler took over and started putting Jews in concentration camps. The time period was between the 1930's through the 1940's. The setting was all over Germany because Hanna was moving to different cites. Also inAmerica because that's where Walter moved to get away with his family.

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