WaveTherm Corporation Product Sales Presentation to Arrow Electronics Superior thermal performance for embedded applications

WaveTherm is a supplier of thermo-mechanical products and design solutions for OEM companies, and defense integrators which manufacture leading-edge embedded technologies and high-performance, integrated electronic systems utilized in mission critical embedded computing systems.

WaveTherm provides standard mechanical products to mainstream markets for conduction-cooled applications:

  • Wedgelocks(AKA card locks, or PCB Retainers)
  • Conduction-cooled Injection-ejectors(AKA extractors, or simply ejectors)
  • Conduction-Cooled Heatframe Assemblies(Future presentation)
  • Environmental Qualification products(Future presentation)
  • Custom Enclosures(Future Presentation)

What a wedgelock is and where it resides

Wedgelocks are mechanical assemblies that fasten to the side of conduction-cooled embedded computing modules. They enable the card/board-level mechanical assembly to be secured in it's system level enclosure, and they provide the thermal path to the cold wall of the enclosure for effective cooling of the PCB and critical components.

3U VPX Conduction-Cooled Exploded Assembly
3U Conduction-Cooled Enclosure
3U Conduction-Cooled Module Insertion
Patented SolidWedge Wedgelocks
SolidWedge Advantage
  • Superior Thermal Path
  • Superior Clamping Force
  • Low Profile
  • Zero Insertion Force
  • Self-Retracting Segments, Positive Drive Mechanism
  • Largest Drive Screw
  • VITA 48.2, 78, 78.1, 48.4, 48.5
A SolidWedge mounted to a representative heatframe, with representative cold wall slot and allen wrench.

Thermal Cross Section

.225" Wide SolidWedge Cross-Section Comparison
SolidWedge Center Segment Profile
SolidWedge Mounting Considerations
SW7 Front Drive Wedge Assembly

Large Drive Screw Yields Higher Clamping Force Which Lowers Thermal Resistance At Module-System Interface(AKA - Cold Wall Slot)

SolidWedge Drive Screw Front View
SolidWedge vs. Field Force Comparison

SolidWedge is offered in multiple widths and heights, depending on the customers application needs.

Several lengths and widths available

Conduction-Cooled Injection-Ejectors

Conduction-Cooled Injection-Ejectors Installed on 3U Module
Injection-Ejector Assembly Installation
Conduction-Cooled Injection-Ejectors
WaveTherm 1491-BA Injection-Ejectors
Injection-Ejectors Part Number Builder

Average Sales Prices Wedgelocks and Ejectors

  • Wedgelocks $60-$95 Low Quantities $35-$50 High Quantities
  • Injection-Ejectors - $20-$30 Low Quantities $10-$15 High Quantities

WaveTherm Current Accounts Map

Key Targets:

  • Lockheed Martin Aeronautics, Forth Worth, TX
  • Lockheed Martin MFC, Sand Lake, FL
  • Harris Corporation, Rochester, NY
  • Harris Corporation, Palm Bay, Florida/Melbourne, FL
  • The Boeing Company, Kent, Washington/St Louis, MO/Long Beach, CA
  • DRS Technologies, Gaithersuburg, MD area
  • Leonardo Company(Finnmecannica)
  • Raytheon Sunnyvale, CA
  • Raytheon El Segundo, CA
  • Northrop Grumman Mission systems, BWI, MD/Rolling Meadows, IL/San Diego/Woodland Hills, CA
  • Mercury Systems, Chelmsford, MA
  • L3 Communications

Success Stories

  • Josh Teal, Teresa Schrom and team covering Northrop Grumman via Sypris Electronics - $30K
  • Lori Chitwood, Sonya Stein and team covering General Dynamics Mission Systems - ~$10K
Recent PO Arrow-WaveTherm

Open Discussion, Questions

WaveTherm Example Products

Sales and Technical Contact

Sales - sales@wavetherm.com

Technical - tech@wavetherm.com

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Sealed, 3U VPX Enclosure
Sealed, 3U VPX Enclosure Side View
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