TIGERS by: shivani

The Tiger is the largest cat species, most recognizable from their pattern of dark vertical stripes on reddish orange fur with a lighter underside.

Where does it live? Tigers live in Asia. They are mostly found in the swamps, grasslands,and rain forests of southeast Asia, China, Korea, and Russia.

What does a tiger need to survive? Tigers need large space, prey, plenty of cover, and access to water.

What is impacting tigers and its environment? Human impact. Tigers face pressure from poaching, retaliatory killings and habitat loss. Tigers are forced to compete for space with growing human populations.

What does this impact affect the species and its lifestyles? When a habitat is destroyed, the tiger that occupied that habitat have a reduced carrying capacity so the populations decline and they are more likely to become extinct.

What are we doing to help stop this problem from occurring? Activist groups like the World Wildlife Fund are working to prevent poaching, protect tiger habitats, decrease the demand for tiger products, and increase the education and awareness about tigers in local communities to help increase the overall population of tigers. The number of tigers is down to 3,200 from 100,000 from the last century.

Therefore, we need to protect the Tigers because extinction can change the ecosystem. It is also crucial for our health and future for our children.


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